Teri Meri Doriyaann 3rd April 2023 Written Update: Manveer feels heartbroken with Angad’s choice


The episode starts with Manveer giving Angad an ultimatum that if he goes with Sahiba to her house, Manveer will leave this house forever. Sahiba asks Angad to stay here as she doesn’t want Manveer to get angry. Angad reminds Sahiba that he gave his word to Sahiba that he will take Sahiba to her house for Paghpher and he will do it. Manveer sees this and falls down. Gurleen catches Manveer and Jasleen gives Gurleen a glass of water to make Manveer drink it. Jasleen makes a remark and tells Manveer that she should accept the fact that Angad is out of her hands. Manveer leaves from there heartbroken. Angad blames Sahib for making Manveer sad.

Santosh and Kirat prepared the room for Sahiba and Angad’s arrival. While arranging the room, Santosh sees Seerat’s things in the room. Santosh takes Seerat’s belongings and tries to throw them away, but Ajith stops Santosh and asks Santosh not to burn herself in revenge. Santosh reminds Ajith of the insults they faced because of Seerat. Ajith says Sahiba wouldn’t like her if he sees Santosh like this.

Angad and Sahiba enter Shimlapuri. The car could not continue on the street, so they got out of the car and walked. Gul and Nimmi see Angad and Sahib coming to Santosh’s house.

Angad and Sahiba come to Santosh’s house. Kirat greets Sahib warmly. Sukhi asks Angad and Sahiba to enter the house by putting their right foot first hand in hand. Angad asks Sahiba for his hand in marriage. Sahiba and Angad enter the Monga house hand in hand. Angad acts like he got a phone call and is looking for Seerat. Angad thinks that Santosh might be hiding Seerat in the house.

Garry calls Seerat. Seerat lashes out at Garry because he hasn’t heard from her since yesterday and she’s been suffering a lot. Garry says he couldn’t meet her because Sahiba sent investigators to keep an eye on him and that’s why he couldn’t meet Seerat. Seerat decides to confront Sahiba as she is being tortured. Garry says Sahiba and Angad went to her house to do the Pagh Phere ritual. Jasleen comes in and asks Garry what he is doing? Garry hangs up again.

Ajith cordially invites Angad and shows him their house. Ajith goes to bring snacks for Angad and Sahib. Sahiba sees Angad sweating the switch on the table fan. Sahiba asks Angad to leave after some time as he has kept his word. Ajith asks Angad to stay here as they have to perform the Pag Phere ritual together. Angad agrees.

The episode ends.

Precap – Ajith shows Angad and Sahiba their separate rooms. Angad tells Sahiba that he cannot stay in this room when she is here. Sahiba reminds Angad that she was in this room when he broke into the warehouse. Angad tries to leave the room but slips and Sahiba catches Angad. Sahiba laughs at Angad seeing this.


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