Tejasswi Prakash once again grabs the eyeballs with her fake accent in ‘Naagin 6’

Tejasswi Prakash
Tejasswi Prakash

To portray a foreigner lookalike of Pratha (the ‘Naagin’ lead played by Tejasswi), she changed her accent to sound like an NRI from London, but it was so over the top that many of her fans trolled her. that and the others made fun of it.

In fact, Bollywood actress Janhvi Kapoor also shot a film reprising the character and shared it on Instagram, making her fake accent more viral.

Though in a recent interview, Tejasswi pointed out that it was all meant to make her fans laugh as well as educate them and if it goes viral, her purpose is served.

In the video, she is heard talking to her sister Mahek (played by Maheck Chahal). Mahek asks her, “Aadhi raat ko walk kar rahi ho” (Are you walking in the middle of the night?) and she replies, “Listen, jab walk karte hai tab time nahi dekhte aur time dekh ke kabhi walk nahi karte .. . kyunki koi agar dekhte hai to humara figure dekhte hai aur mai apna figure maintain karti hu so isliye walk karti hoon.”

The video caught a huge amount of eyeballs, and in an interview with YouTuber Janice Sequeira, Tejasswi said, “I wasn’t going for an accent, it wasn’t legit. I just wanted it to sound extremely funny. And if people found it funny, that’s great.”

“Anything sells. In a time when things are so good, with everything nice and it doesn’t work. My show works, even if not everything that happens in it makes sense. You do it convincingly and it sells.”

The hilarious video and speaking style of the show became the talk of the town. Now the show has taken a leap and Pratha’s twins have signed up. It remains to be seen how Tejasswi woos her fans again and what new she brings in her look and character.


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