Splatoon 3 Version 3.1.0 Patch Notes, Gameplay, and Trailer


The Splatoon 3 version 3.1.0 patch notes have been released by Nintendo Entertainment Planning & Development, so follow the article to check out the Splatoon 3 version 3.1.0 patch notes.


Splatoon 3

Splatoon 3 is a third-person shooter game developed and published by Nintendo. It is a sequel to Splatoon 2 and is scheduled to be released on the Nintendo Switch console in 2022.

The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where humans no longer exist and the world is inhabited only by Inklings, creatures that can transform into octopuses and back again. In this world, the Inklings participate in a sport called Turf War, where they compete in teams to cover as much of the field as possible with their team’s ink.

In Splatoon 3, players take on the role of an Inkling and compete in a variety of game modes, including Turf War, Splat Zones, Tower Control, and Rainmaker. The game will feature new weapons and abilities such as the bow and arrow like weapon “Splat Bow” and the ability “Ink Portal” which allows players to teleport around the map.

One of the most significant innovations in Splatoon 3 is the introduction of customizable Inklings. Players can choose from a variety of hairstyles, clothes and accessories to create their unique hunch. The game also features a new single-player campaign mode where players will embark on a journey to uncover the mysteries of the world and encounter new enemies.

Another new feature is the addition of new playable characters called “Octolings”, which were previously only playable in multiplayer. Octolings are creatures similar to the Inklings, but with a different appearance, and are considered a rival to the Inklings.

Splatoon 3 will also have new stages to play on, including a desert-themed stage called “Dust Depot” and a skatepark-inspired stage called “The Bunker.” The game’s graphics have also been updated to showcase more detailed and vivid visuals.

In addition to the new gameplay features, Splatoon 3 will also have online multiplayer modes that will allow players to compete with others from around the world. The game’s multiplayer mode will feature a new ranking system that will allow players to climb the ranks and unlock new rewards as they progress.

Splatoon 3 Version 3.1.0 Patch Notes

DLC changes

Added some data regarding Inkopolis during Splatfests.

Changes to Splatfests

Added a song to play during Splatfest Battles and Tricolor Turf Wars.

This song will play regardless of whether the player has downloaded the DLC.

Adjusted points awarded for each category during Splatfest Finals.

Changes to Multiplayer

  • Specifications for some main weapons have changed.WeaponChange DetailsSplattershot Nova
    • Movement speed while firing is now about 10% faster.
    • Ink splatter will now fall around the player’s feet more easily.
    Luna BlasterLuna Blaster Neo
    • Increased the radius of the explosion area that deals 70.0 damage by about 50%.
      • No changes to the radius of the area that deals 50/0 damage.
    Big Swig Roller
    • Adjusted the damage-falloff rate based on vertical-swing distance, making the amount of damage fall off more gradually than before.
      • Due to this change, the distance where 100.0+ damage can be dealt was extended by roughly 15%, and the distance where 50.0+ damage can be dealt was extended by roughly 49%.
    Snipewriter 5H
    • Maximum damage has been increased from 60.0 to 68.0.
    SlosherSlosher Deco
    • Adjusted the damage-falloff rate when a player attacks someone vertically lower than them, making it more difficult for damage to decrease.
      • Due to this change, the minimum amount of damage dealt to an opponent will be 50.0.
    Mini SplatlingZink Mini Splatling
    • Increased firing duration by roughly 17%.
    Dapple DualiesDapple Dualies Nouveau
    • Shortened the amount of time it takes for a player to be able to act after a Dodge Roll by roughly .06 seconds.
    Splat Dualies
    • Increased the Dodge Roll movement speed, shortening the amount of time it takes to move by roughly .06 seconds.
    REEF-LUX 450
    • Made the angle of diffusion narrower depending on the amount of charge, making it easier to focus on attacking a single area.
    • Movement speed while charging is now about 10% faster.
  • Specifications for some sub-weapons have changed.Sub WeaponChange DetailsAngle Shooter
    • Roughly doubled the radius of the ink splatter that occurs when it hits terrain.
    Burst Bomb
    • Increased the amount of ink consumed from a standard ink tank from 40% to 45% if the player doesn’t have the “Ink Saver (Sub)” ability equipped.
      • The amount of ink consumed when the maximum number of abilities are equipped will not change.
  • Specifications for some special weapons have changed.Special WeaponChange DetailsInk Vac
    • Increased the radius of the outer perimeter when vacuuming up ink by roughly 10% to cover a larger area than before.
    • Increased the initial setup speed when throwing the Tacticooler by roughly 33% to enable it to be set up farther than before.
    • Roughly doubled the horizontal radius of the area where players can drink a beverage.
    • Increased the amount of damage dealt from 60.0 to 70.0 when getting caught in an explosion at long range, and increased the radius of that area by roughly 17%.
    • Increased the radius of the ink splatter from an explosion by roughly 21%.
    • Increased the radius of the explosion area that deals 50.0 damage by roughly 43%.
      • No changes to the radius of the area that deals 30.0 damage.
    • Strengthened the jet of ink that comes out when pressing B, enabling players to jump higher than before.
    Ultra Stamp
    • Increased the radius of the area where a player can be damaged from the shock waves of continuous stamp attacks by roughly 43%.
    • Improved the turning performance when doing continuous stamp attacks, making it easier to change direction.
    • When doing continuous stamp attacks, the stamp will now be displayed as translucent on the user’s screen, making it easier for them to see where they’re going.
    Crab Tank
    • Introduced an interval where players cannot attack for roughly 0.33 seconds after returning to attack mode from mobile mode.
    • Increased the amount of time it takes for players to act again after the special ends.
    Kraken Royale
    • Made it easier for a player to be pushed back by an enemy attack in Tower Control mode when the player is on the tower.
    • Made it so that a player will drop all their clams and power clams wherever they are when they use this special in Clam Blitz mode.
  • Specifications for some gear abilities have changed.Gear AbilityChange DetailsSub Resistance Up
    • Damage from Burst Bombs and Fizzy Bombs will be reduced more than before, even with just a few gear abilities.
      • The damage reduction from equipping the maximum gear abilities will not change.
    Opening Gambit
    • If a player splats or assists in splatting an enemy while this gear ability is in effect, the effect will now be extended by roughly 15.0 seconds instead of roughly 7.5 seconds.
    • Made it so that the Intensify Action gear ability will also occur when this gear ability is in effect.
      • The effect is equivalent to 3.0 primary gear abilities.
  • Points required for some special weapons have been changed.WeaponBeforeAfterCarbon Roller Deco200190.96 Gal Deco200210

Changes in Salmon Run

The interval between touching the Golden Egg and being able to use it was roughly the same for all players.

By adjusting the animation speed when a Golden Egg enters a non-host player’s life, the interval between touching a Golden Egg and being able to use it is now roughly the same for both host and non-host players.

However, if the communication delay exceeds a certain level, the timing may not be the same for the host player.

This update focuses on adding Splatfest data, adjusting Splatfest Points, and improving online multiplayer.

For Splatfest Points, adjustments to the halftime report should reduce the feeling that the winning team has already been decided.

For primary weapons, the changes should highlight unique weapon properties and strengthen certain combinations of secondary and special weapons.

For sub-weapons, the changes should create more ways to use certain sub-weapons, as well as limit strategies that used certain sub-weapons repeatedly.

For Special Weapons, we’ve reviewed and made adjustments to the performance of each Special Weapon now that the use of Special Weapons new to Splatoon 3 is more established.

For the new special weapon Kraken Royale, its basic abilities have not changed, but they have been modified in certain modes to limit adverse circumstances.

For Salmon Run, the changes should ensure that lag is minimal regardless of which system is the host. It is possible that the host system selection for wireless play in any or all game modes may change, either to add functionality or improve communication efficiency. Therefore, we take steps to minimize lag regardless of which system is the host.

We plan to release the next update at the end of the current season. It will mainly focus on balancing adjustments and adding features for the new season starting in June.

Error correction

Fixes to player controls

Fixed an issue with collision detection speed that was slightly reducing the accuracy of ink fired by shaking the brush at distant, stationary enemies.

Fixed an issue that caused some bombs of a certain type to not explode when three or more were used at the same time.

Fixed an issue that sometimes caused sub-weapons thrown onto certain terrain to not travel according to the expected trajectory shown when pressing the R button.

Fixed an issue that sometimes caused car bombs thrown into gaps in certain terrain to go through the terrain.

Fixed an issue that allowed Crab Tank users who held down the ZR button before going from mobile to attack mode to start rapid firing slightly faster than usual.

Fixed an issue where if a player using Ink Vac was attacked from behind while moving forward, the attack would sometimes be blocked.

Fixed an issue that sometimes caused Tacticoolers to ricochet harder than intended and fly far when thrown when the player is in close contact with terrain or other objects.

Fixed an issue that sometimes allowed players to jump further than intended when jumping right after attacking with Kraken Royale.

Fixed an issue that sometimes allowed players to jump further than intended when Squid Roll knocked off a wall with Kraken Royale.

Fixed an issue that allowed players to perform a Squid Surge or Squid Roll during the period when player actions should have been disabled after the effects from Kraken Royale wore off.

Fixed an issue where the animation showing the player splashing an enemy with a direct hit from the Rainmaker would not show.

Multiplayer fixes

Fixed an issue that caused the player to not take explosion damage from an inkjet shot if the shot appeared to hit their screen but not the inkjet user’s screen.

Fixed an issue where it was not defined which player’s screen would be used as the default if the Ultra Stamp user attacked an opponent and the communication delay caused the shot to land differently between the two player’s screens.

Fixed an issue in Scorch Gorge in Clam Blitz where the clams were not placed symmetrically at the start of the battle.

Fixed an issue in Hagglefish Market where some terrain would unintentionally appear translucent, depending on player and camera position.


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