Snapchat is Making This Snapchat+ Exclusive Feature Available to Everyone


In February 2023, Snapchat introduced its AI chatbot “My AI” powered by chatGPT to compete in the AI race. However, access to My AI was initially limited to Snapchat+ subscribers only. CEO Evan Spiegel has now announced that My AI will be available to all users, with a new and more powerful version.


Customizable Bitmoji Avatar and Group Chat

With the new upgrade, users can create their own personalized Bitmoji avatar for My AI. Users can send snaps to My AI and get back text responses. Moreover, users can include My AI in Snapchat groups and direct messages by typing “@”. Based on the conversation, users can ask My AI relevant questions. To identify My AI, users can look for a sparkle next to its name. Warzone 2 Community Demands Explanation for Missing Third-Person Playlist

Recommendations and Generative Snap

My AI will provide proper recommendations for restaurants, places, and more based on Snap Map activity. Additionally, My AI will suggest augmented reality lenses based on the same. Snapchat+ subscribers can expect to receive a generative snap in response to any snap sent to My AI. This feature will mark a significant step in visual conversational AI. How to get free OWL skins and tokens in Overwatch 2

Updates and Other Features

Despite earlier criticisms for questionable outputs, My AI has already been widely accepted and used by Snapchat+ users. Two million messages are exchanged with My AI daily. Snapchat has also announced Generative AI Lenses, allowing users to transform themselves into sci-fi characters using the Cosmic Lens. Furthermore, users can easily filter and add AR to their memories. With new AR experiences and technologies, users can experience live music concerts more immersively. Niantic removes Buddy Bonus from Sustainability Week, Pokemon Go Fans Express Disappointment

Excitement and Thoughts

Snapchat users are excited to try the new My AI and its features. It remains to be seen how My AI will change the Snap experience. Nonetheless, Snapchat’s new features are bound to keep users engaged and interested in the platform. New study challenges prevailing narratives of human evolution


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