Scam 2003 Release Date 2022


Scam 2003 Release Date: The Scam 2003 Curious Case of Abdul Karim Telgi is a proposed title for a new major scam 2003 series that will debut live on the streaming site and continue to allow the scam. The online series Scam 2003 explores the life of con man Abdul Telgi, starting with his promotion and ending with his reassurance. His rogue stamp paper is worth Rs 20,000 crore. In 2003, many officials and government workers, along with forger Abdul Karim Telgi, were involved in the multi-state stamp fraud.


Scam release date 2003

Scam 2003 main web series cast information is listed below for your convenience. Click here for more information. Scam 2003 Main characters and cast details have not yet been confirmed.

Sony LIV TV’s 1992 sensational spoof show After the success, filmmaker Hansal Mehta is set to make a comeback for the following reasons. The untitled Sam 2003 series The Curious Case of Abdul Telgi will explore the life of Abdul Karim Telgi.

As the writers work on the display, the producers will reveal the show’s cast directly. The program will start production at the end of the year and will premiere on Sony LIV TV on October 9, 2022. The web series scam 2003 started filming in the month of March 2022. So it will take some time to get Declare. In addition, the series trailer will be released in & June 2022.

The story of the Scam 2003 series

Scam Series 2003 Main character and cast details have yet to be confirmed. After the success of Hansal Mehta’s Scam 1992 The Harshad Mehta Story, the Scam 2003 series returns with a 2nd season. The second part of the web series scam charter is called Scam 2003 The Telgi Story’ and presents the story of the famous Stamp Paper Scam.

Hansal Mehta is also the creator of the second season of this web series, while Scam 2003 will be directed by Tushar Hiranandani, whose directorial debut was ‘Saand Ki Aankh’. The series is based on the book “Reporter Ki Diary” by journalist Sanjay Singh, who broke the story of the web series scam in 2003. Hansal Mehta announced on social media that the second season of Scam 2003 has started shooting in April. Later he also declares that Gagan Dev Riar will play the character of Abdul Karim Telgi. Gagan is a theater artist with 15 years of experience, apart from theatre, he has acted in the films ‘A Suitable Boy’ and ‘Sonchiriya’.

Details about the star cast and other crew members are still under wraps, we have learned that Marathi writer Kiran Yadnyopavit co-wrote the Scam 2003 series with reporter Sanjay Singh. Scam 2003 will be based on reporter Sanjay Singh’s book Reporter Ki Diary.

Scam 2003 Official Trailer

The official trailer for the Web Series 2003 con will be available on Sony LIV TV social network online until June 2022, until then stay tuned for the post.

We inform the public that the trailer of Scheme 2003 blockbuster Suresh is also available on YouTube. On October 9, 2022, a commented drama will be released on the City platform; however, we feel obligated to inform you that you should watch this as well.

SCAM 2003 Star Cast

The 2003 scam web series stars Gagan dev Riar in the lead role. Let us inform the public that the sensational trailer of Scheme 2003. Suresh is also posted on YouTube On October 9, 2022, the drama with commentary will be available on the City platform. we feel compelled to inform you that you should also check this out. She is the main lead and has several years of experience. Gagan Dev Riar is also a performer, director and writer. Gagan Dev Riar will play the role of Abdul Karim.

Release Date SCAM 2003 OTT

Scam 2003 is the 2nd part of the most famous web series scam 1992. Scam 2003 series is going to start soon. The author did not specify the official release date. But currently scam 2003 web series will be announced in 2022. Trailer is expected to be announced in month & June 2022.


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