Radha krishn 24 August 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Radha Krishn
Radha Krishn

Written update by Radhakrishan on August 24, 2022

Bhargavi describes the qualities of Krishna Uma. Srinivas asks Govindaraj to act as his wife and help him meet Bhargavi. He says he will decorate her so well that he won’t recognize himself. Govindraj refused. Srinivas tells the story of Krishna and Balarama in which they disguise themselves as girls and the man proposes to Balarama/Baladevya. Govindraj laughed when he heard the story. Srinivas takes his vow and says it is a true story. Govindraj feels fear. Srinivas convinced him with his patience. Govindraj prays to Mahadev to protect him.

Written update of Radhakrishan Today Episode

Vasu organizes a birth festival in Karveerpur and gives away 10 gold coins as praise to whoever breaks the curd pot. Padmavati mocks him for preparing such a big pageant for Bhargavi even though he is absent. Vasu’s name calls in the lower back that she is still single but Padmavati is married and her husband is missing. Padmavati angrily says that Srinivasa and Govindraj have been in the historic temple for a long time, she has to take care of them and deal with the festival. Govindraj is shocked to see himself and asks why he needs his help. Srinivas says that he promised Padmavati that Srinivas will not meet Bhargavi again, however the cowherd along with his wife can meet Bhargavi and convince her to forgive Srinivas. Pooja Vasu says the shopkeeper is on his way with milk and curd. Padmavati calls Vasu’s name. Vasu was furious when he was fired from his job as a businessman. The businessman’s cars break down in the middle. The businessman asks the employees to fix it soon, otherwise Vasu will not give him a penny if he does not provide curd and butter in time. Srinivas sends Govindraj to the merchant who says that his husband can help him. Srinivas comes as Venkatesh, a businessman and offers him a rare diamond instead of milk and butter. The businessman says he will look into it first. Govindaraj asks Srinivas how he got such an old stone and thinks Padmavati gave it to him. Mahadev explains how Srinivas made the stone. The jeweler examines the stone and says that it is clearly valuable. The store trades milk and butter for diamonds and leaves. Bahargavi gave the butter to Narayan. Srinivas is enjoying it.


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