Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 25th March 2023 Written Update: Radha and Mohan explains about bad touch to Gungun


The episode starts with Radha telling herself that she is worried about Gungun’s safety. He tells Tulsi that they can’t stay with Gungun always, so they should teach Gungun some important things. Tulsi says she is happy that Gungun has Radha. After some time, Radha winces in pain and removes the bracelet given to her by Bhushan. Mohan hears her scream and notices her hand injury. Looking for ointment. He sees it and thinks he lives for this care. And pretends to sleep. He smears ointment on her wounds.

The next day, Radha goes to Gungun’s room. He teaches Gungun about good and bad touch. Trivedi ladies and Mohan hear everything. Radha tells Gungun that no one has the right to touch his special body parts. Kadambari notices Mohan and she gets scared. He is about to stop Radha but Mohan stops his mother. She tells her mother that Radha is doing the right thing and every responsible mother should teach her daughter that. He says Gungun should know about all this.

Radha tells Gungun that they cannot show their special body parts to anyone and if anyone tried to touch those parts, it is a wrong touch. Gungun asks Radha why the elders are doing this. Radha hesitates to answer. Mohan enters the room and tells Gungun that few elders are bad people, that’s why they do this. He asks her to stay away from such people.

Radha tells Gungun that family members can be bad people too. He asks her what the other will do if someone tries to break her toy. Gungun tells her that he will rip the person’s toy away. Mohan tells her that she should go to a person she trusts.

Gungun says everyone will listen to elders and what if they scold her. Radha tells her that no one will scold her as she has not done anything wrong. He notices Ketki there. He asks Gungun not to try to hide the wrongdoing of the wrong person out of fear. Mohan asks Gungun not to be afraid and tell the truth if someone touched her wrongly then. He says they are always with Gungun. Gungun hugs Radha and Mohan. Mohan thanks Radha.

Ketki wipes her tears and leaves. Tulsi says Gungun is lucky to have parents like Radha and Mohan. Damini sees Gungun laughing with his parents. He tells himself that today is the last day and he won’t see them together after today.

Later, Damini takes Kaveri to her room. He tells his mother that they can’t let anyone see the papers. She informs her that she hid the papers in Bhushan’s room as Radha will not go to Bhushan’s room. He says he will burn the papers after returning from the puja. Radha overhears their conversation and decides to get those papers and leaves from there. Damini sees Radha leaving from there and says this holi is last holi for Radha in this house.


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