Pushpa Impossible 25th March 2023 Written Update: Pushpa and Deepti hatch a plan.


The episode starts with Pushpa getting scared that Dileep is entering her house. Rashi on the other hand Rashi is thankful that everyone benefited from Dileep’s visit. He shares the same with Pushpa who says that she will soon realize the real intentions behind his actions. Rashi says he made a mistake but is trying to correct it. He gives the example of Aryan’s case but Pushpa says they are completely different. Rashi refuses to comply. Ramesh gets an explanation about his marriage and his wife, who is shocked to hear this. He also learns that he got hit on the head and blames Bapodhara for it.

Pushpa returns home and Ashavari is angry with her for not coming with her to hear her baby’s first heartbeat. Pushpa explains her situation to Ashavari who feels bad for her. Pushpa asks about the baby and Kaku comes to her and Ashavari consoles her. Bapodhara fixes a lunch meeting with Jai. They plan a feast for Jai with all Indian and international dishes. Prarthana sees Chirag getting down from the bike and is crying and Chirag notices it too. Prarthana immediately goes inside and locks herself to hide her pain. The doctor gives a
Kaku’s medicine is listed as Ashavari when Saran meets her. Kaku can’t stop praising Saran for always helping her in her needs. Kaku sends Ashavari home to rest as Pushpa is there to take care of her. Saran asks Pushpa to go study while she takes care of Kaku.

As Pushpa leaves, Saran takes care of Kaku. Kaku asks why he would do all this for her. Saran says he is also lonely and always wished someone would take care of him but no one did. He says that’s why he always takes care of people like him. He asks her to consider him as her son. Kaku asks him not to say that because her son bener was concerned to ask about her health, he didn’t even care about her. She says he means a lot more than her son. Rashi is lost in thoughts of Dileep, Chirag is lost in thoughts of Prarthana and Ashwin thinks about Sonal’s big move. Pushpa returns home to find everyone lost in thought. He asks Deepti about it. Deepti says Ashwin has some work pressure. Pushpa says her dump work is half way and she has to finish it. She asks Deepti to bring her tea.

Deepti brings her tea and appreciates her work. Pushpa tells her that Saran Sir is taking care of Kaku. He asks Deepti what is Ashwin’s problem and Deepti explains her difference of opinion with Sonal. Pushpa says Sonal is not wrong in her opinion. They both come up with a plan to cheer everyone up. They both pretend to fight over dance steps and Rashi helps them. Everyone starts dancing and Deepti and Pushpa join them enthusiastically. Pushpa talks to Dileep’s picture and says she can’t separate them no matter what.

Introduction: Ashwin complains about the workers paying for Boss’s mistake and says that Deepti’s mother is no better. Deepti gets offended because of this. Pushpa is worried about this and meets Sonal. He says Ashwin vents his work pressure at home. Sonal says it can be vice versa. He suggests sending Deepti and Ashwin to a separate apartment.


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