Pushpa Impossible 24th March 2023 Written Update: Dileep takes part in parent-teacher meeting


The episode starts with Nanavati welcoming parents of class 10 students to discuss their papers. At that time Dileep comes there and everyone is shocked to see him. Everyone passes comments about him and Pushpa’s family. Pushpa asks why is he here. Dileep says he came to discuss with Rashi’s teacher. He says he called the school teacher to talk to Rashi and find out about the parent meeting. He says he is there to fulfill his duties. Pushpa mocks him for not taking care of his duties all these years. He says that he is father and mother to Rashi. Dileep says he has equal rights over her. Pushpa takes Nanavati inside for a chat.

Sonal and the investor were waiting for Ashwin who was late. Ashwin arrives just as the investor is about to leave, irritated. Ashwin gets straight to the point and is taken aback when Sonal tells about her big plan to invest heavily in many cities. He feels he is taking a lot of risk. Pushpa takes Nanavati aside and says that Dileep is there to trouble her after he came to argue. She begs him to send him but Nanavati says that Dileep is Rashi’s biological father and his name is in the registry. She says she can’t send him away according to the rules. Pushpa gets furious but Nanavati advises her to control her anger as she expects the same reaction from her to prove him wrong. Pushpa controls herself.

Answer papers are distributed. The teacher gives Rashi’s paper to Pushpa, but Dileep gets it from her. He checks the paper and finds an error in the correction. It says it’s a multiple choice question, but none of the answers are correct. He says Rashi herself answered correctly. Ashwin tells Sonal that she is taking a big risk by planning such a huge investment, but Sonal says that she has to think big for business. Ashwin says she should have at least consulted him as he was taken aback when she told the investor. Sonal says she would have discussed with him if he came earlier. The investor leaves as he has another meeting and asks them to sort it out among themselves first and get on the same page. Sonal thinks her wavelength does not match Ashwin’s.

The teacher checks the paper and confirms the printing error. They give a grace mark for all students. Rashi’s friend thanks Dileep as he passes for one mark. Nanavati asks Rashi why she didn’t inform the teacher about the mistake, but Rashi says she got carried away with other questions. Ashwin comes home and asks Deepti why she didn’t pick his call.

Deepti says she was busy with work and then went to the hospital with Ashavari. Ashwin says about Sonal fiasco. Sonal also shares Ashwin’s mind on a small scale due to his middle class lifestyle. Ashwin shows his anger unknowingly on Deepti and regrets it. Nanavati stops Dileep and says that Pushpa is not happy with his visit. Dileep says he wants to make up for all the days he missed with his daughter and praises Rashi. Nanavati had no choice but to agree.

Introduction: Rashi tells Pushpa that it was good that Dileep came to the meeting which benefited everyone. Pushpa tells Rashi to keep falling for his trap and she soon realizes his tentative face. Rashi tells Pushpa that just because she doesn’t like him doesn’t mean he’s bad. Dileep looks at Rashi’s message board and says that now that Mansi and Vasundhara are gone, he has to play his next game to get close to her.


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