Pushpa Impossible 22nd March 2023 Written Update: Rashi stops Dileep from making his move


The episode starts with Prarthana asking Chirag if his whole life is a joke to him. She says that they have shared everything in life till date and she wants to share her life with him going forward. Chirag asks what she is saying as he never considered her more than his best friend. He says that there is so much going on in life and he has no time for love. He says they are good as friends and why is he making it complicated. Rashi leaves heartbroken.

Pushpa is shocked to know that Ramesh has regained consciousness. Bapodhara says he has forgotten even Neelim and his marriage but remembers him. Pushpa says it is good as she could be freed from the monster. He asks when he is coming back and Neelima leaves to call the doctor to ask the same. Pushpa teases Bapodhar saying that all the dangerous people are coming back in his life and gives the example of Dileep. Bapodhara says she wishes to stay miles away from Dileep if possible and Pushpa leaves threatening to damage her other ear as well. Vasundhara finds it difficult to manage the investors over the phone and Mansi suggests going to Canada to convince them. Vasundhara says it is the right thing and asks her to stay back and take care of Dileep. Dileep comes there and asks Mansi to go with Vasundhara too as he will take care of himself.

Pushpa shares Dileep with the family, who claims the rights to the house. Deepti calls Amir Bhai to discuss legal matters. He explains the situation to him and Amir Bhai says that the law is in Dileep’s favor and they can’t do anything about it even though Damini and Devi Singh are fighting the case. Ashwin gives Pushpa courage. Prarthana cries as she remembers how Chirag rejected her proposal. Bapodhara gets worried seeing her crying, but Prathana lies that she was crying while cutting onions. Bapodhara is relieved and leaves while Prarthana continues to cry.

Bapodhara finds the Pushpa family standing outside discussing with Amir Bhai when Dileep comes there. Dileep asks Bapodhara to hang the name tag on his name. Pushpa says she is becoming co-owner with Bapodhara as she lived in the house for 17 years. Dileep says it is eligible only when he hands over the ownership to her. He says that means he owns the house. Dileep is about to hang on the label when Chirag and Dileep warn him against it. Pushpa asks Bapodhara for the signed affidavit, but Bapodhara says it is invalid now. Dileep says it won’t be her or his name and shows the name chart on Rashi’s name.

Dileep says he can’t let his kids suffer in between their fights. He wants to make up for the injustice that happened to his daughter and Pushpa asks if he would make up for it like this. Dileep asks her to consider what she wants and Pushpa steps aside with no other option. Dileep is about to hang on the board when Rashi stops him. She says it is her mother’s house who worked hard to run the house. She says that if anyone is wronged, it is only her mother who witnesses her struggle. She says that if she really wants to pay for her mistake, then she will ask him to put the house and the name up in her mother’s name. Dileep appreciates her and wishes her for the board exams and leaves the place.

Pre-chapter: Pushpa says she doesn’t know about Dileep. Rashi says she visited him to find out the same. Everyone is shocked to hear this, but Rashi says that unlike them, he openly admitted his mistakes to her. Dileep comes to Pushpa and Rashi’s schools and shocks everyone.


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