Pandya Store 8th October 2022 Written Episode Written Update


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Everyone is rehearsing the dance. Dhara says Shiva should know about Raavi, you both always fight. Raavi says I came. Shiva smiles. Dhara asks Shiva to teach her dance moves. Krish asks them to dance closely. Shweta comes down. Dhara says Give me Chiku, come with me, dance with Krish, you both will have a special performance. Rishita says its goblin why did you get tired by going to market. Shweta says I didn’t go anywhere today, you don’t either, your skin glow will go. Rishita asks why are you lying. Dhara Says She Had A Face Pack On Her Face And Chiku Was With Me. Rishita says you didn’t get clothes for me, ok you believe her. Dhara asks them to practice dancing. She asks Rishita not to argue with everyone. She says I M Trusting Shweta. Rishita thinks I will get some proof in her room. She is going. Shweta is worried. Krish asks Where are you going. He stops Shweta. Rishita says some Bill would be there. He gets Shweta’s dress. She says what should I do now. Shweta comes to her room. He sees Rishita and asks what are you doing in my room. Rishita says its Krish’s room not yours, I can go anywhere. Shweta says you are crossing your limits, no one can enter my private space. Rishita gives her dress and goes.

Everyone is getting ready. They Load Things And Stuff Into The Bus. Raavi says Dhara, I have to go to office, hacker was saved, I have to work extra, I will come soon. Shiva looks and goes. Raavi thinks she doesn’t care about me. Dhara says I will pack my bag and come. Suman calls Gautam. Shweta says I have to change my jewellery. Krish is coming. He gives her a note. She reads We will maintain this relationship with sincerity. He asks what is on the other side. He does not say anything, it means that Somnath has given his consent to our marriage. He hugs her and says our marriage Rasam will start tomorrow. She thinks to go and get fake jewelry first. Gautam And Dev Kick The Soil Of The Floor. Suman asks them to measure the width and height of the pit. Shweta looks on. Suman says great, now Even if The Thieves Gang comes, they return empty handed, we will pack the chest inside. She is going. Gautam asks who got this idea, how does he have such ideas. Dev puts the chest in the pit. Shweta thinks how will I change the jewelry now, Dhara is still here. He says: I will do it, I will go and take care of Chika. Dhara thanks her. Shweta asks about jewellery. Dhara asks what. Shweta says keep the jewellery.

Dhara says it is in Suman’s locker, I will keep it. Shweta says Suman will put the chest on the ground, I saw Gautam and Dev. Suman asks the constable to see the CCTV camera. He says don’t think about sleeping on duty. He says I will not let you complain. She thanks Him. Shweta says Ok, I will keep the jewellery. Dhara asks where are you getting this dress. Shweta says I will keep it with clothes. Dhara says Suman is very scared. Shweta goes to Suman and says we will go and get jewelery from cupboard. Suman says Tell her, I will give it to her at the time of marriage. Shweta Messages Deven to come to resort. Dhara says Raavi hasn’t come yet. Suman says Leave her. Shiva gets a call. Dhara asks him to take the call. Raavi says Sorry, I Need More Time. He says Fine, you will reach there directly, finish your work and come, we are leaving. She asks if he really stopped caring about me, he didn’t ask me. Shiva says he will come, Shweta’s parents would be waiting. Dhara says Fine, Shiva will get Raavi. Dhara does Puja. Dev says we will prepare the car. Dhara says Leave the car for Shiva and Raavi, we will get a big car for Shweta and Krish. Rishita Thinks I Will Watch An Eye On Shweta. Deven is in disguise.

Front lid:
Rishita says Shweta made fake jewellery, I don’t know why. Dhara is shocked. Rishita bumps into Shweta and asks where are you going. He sees the bag. Dhara hides and watches.


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