Pandya Store 6th September 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Pandya Store
Pandya Store

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Rishita says I Have No Illness, I M Fine. She asks them to ask Shweta to leave. She shouts I Hate Her, Get Lost Shweta. Shweta leaves. Dev Hugs Rishita. Suman returns home. Dhara and Gautam say everything. Suman says we have to keep an eye on Rishita. Dhara says she thinks bias is happening with her. Suman says Take her to counsellor. Dhara says she is not ready. Suman says mom is handling her daughter well but her maayka is not good. Dhara asks what will we do, I m worried for her. Shweta hears them. Suman says we will give her a lot of love, don’t give more attention to Chiku than Chutki. Dhara says Don’t worry, I will be careful. Shweta says you have to pay more attention to Chik, then Rishita will know that you are partial, my exit will be easy, I have to maintain Rishita’s bad image. Raavi gets a shock seeing her picture. Shiva is coming. Shows Phone. He gets a shock when he sees the Morphed Pic. Raavi says I didn’t touch my phone, they are trolling me, I don’t know why, they gave my wrong picture. He reads the bad news. It says it’s your profile. He says I don’t know. Rishita says it was not a big deal, I am very angry. He remembers Shweta’s words. She says she just sees my mistake, how do I get right. Shiva Consoles Raavi. He says I Love You A lot, You Are An Artist, Lakhs Of People You Love, Hundreds May Hate You, Forget Them, Don’t Take The Tension, We Have To Find Out Who Did It.

He says Krish can help us, else we will go to police station, don’t cry. Rishita says if my family supported me, I would have fought depression. She is crying. She is looking for Chutki and Dev. He sees Gautama, Dhara, Krish and Deva sleeping on the ground. Gautam has Chutki with him. He says everyone is sleeping in my room. She sees Suman and gets scared. Dev And All Wake Up. Dev asks what happened. Gautam asks Do you want anything? Dhara asks, I have to get something for you. Rishita says No what are you doing here. Krish says we are sleeping in your room, Shweta is in my room. Dhara says the AC is not working in our room. Gautam says yes. Rishita asks how can this happen. Suman says why not, it happens, do you want to ask something else? Rishita asks them how they came together. Gautam says we just came for AC. Suman says we will not answer you, now sleep. Gautam says yes sleep now good night. Krish says Sleep and let us sleep, turn off the lights. Rishita asks will your snoring stop when I turn off the lights, I promise I won’t die. Everyone asks her to sleep. She Gets Emotional And Goes To Cover With Blankets. Jeevan Ka Ye Pahiya… Acting… He smiles and says goodnight. She Lies to Sleep.

It is morning, Suman asks Krish to wash the car, it should look like new. She says I have washed it twice since morning, don’t worry. Shweta gets Chika there and says its time to make you cry. Suman says they bond well with you, you can go to your parents house. Shweta sees Rishita.

Chiku starts to cry. Rishita looks on. She thinks as Chiku started crying, Shweta did something, I have to watch her. Shiva and Raavi See Krish. Shiva says goblins are working with you. Krish asks him to say it in shiva style. Raavi says matter is like that, we can’t say it out loud. Krish asks what happened. Shows Phone. Shiva says Don’t See The Pic, Just See The Comment. Krish asks who are these people. Shiva says her profile has been hacked, her photos are being edited, they are asking for money. Raavi asks Krish to help them. Krish asks for photos. He turns away and says what it is. Shiva says Just tell us what to do. Krish says Block family members and neighbors too. Raavi says its not getting blocked. Shweta asks Dhara to handle Chika. Dhara says I have to make breakfast. Shweta says I can handle it, please marry Chiku, she cries a lot. Dhara takes Chika. He quiets down. Suman says you are doing all the work but you have to take care of Chiku, he is your responsibility. Shweta thinks she will do something to make them fight. Krish says we have to go to cyber cell and tell about hacked account, we have to find someone who can restore our account, don’t worry, I will fix it, but everyone knows. Shiva says No, shut up, it is a serious matter.

The police are coming. Inspector comes and says we have a complaint against Raavi. He asks her to come for questioning. Shiva asks what complaint. The inspector says she did a scam. Raavi is shocked.

Front lid:
Shweta says if Rishita puts her hand in this oil, new drama will happen. Rishita says we will put a child monitoring system in the house. Shweta says I don’t want this in my room. Rishita thinks that Shweta’s truth will come out. Suman thinks it is my house, I will decide. Shweta is worried.


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