Pandya Store 5th April 2023 Written Update: Krish informs the Pandyas about Shweta blackmailing him


The episode starts with Krish refusing to give money for Natasha’s surgery. Shiva asks Krisha if he can give money for Dhara who brought him up. Krish flatly refuses. On the other hand, Rishita comforts Natasha who is afraid of her surgery. Suddenly NataĊĦa runs from there and calls her mom. Here Shiva gets furious with Krish who refuses to give them money. She asks him to leave the house. She pushes him towards the front door. Gautam stops Shiva. He says Krish has the right to decide what to do with his hard earned money. He adds that Krish is the child of this family and also has equal rights in this house so Shiva cannot throw him out. Krish says he doesn’t want any rights as this family always gets him in trouble.

At the hospital, Dhara tries to contact the Pandyas. She is disheartened when no one answers her calls. She thinks they are not taking her call because she made a mistake. Here Suman slaps Krish. Prerna tells the Pandyas that Krish is an adult so they shouldn’t slap him. He adds that slapping Suman Krish will spoil their mother son relationship more. Suman says she is Krish’s mother and claims she has the right to do whatever she wants with him. She asks Prerna not to talk between mother and son from now on.

There Natasha goes to Dhara. She hugs Dhara and says she is afraid of the surgery. Dhara comforts her. Natasha wears Dhara’s shoes that are too big for her feet. He asks Dhara how her kidney will fit if her shoes don’t fit. Dhara assures Natasha that her kidney will fit in her body. Rishita watches Dhara and Natasha bond through the window.

Here Krish cries and puts his head on Suman’s lap. Suman asks Krish what is bothering him. Krish tells Suman about Shweta blackmailing him with a video of himself and Shweta that she got through Raavi. There the doctor tells Rishita that the money for Natasha’s surgery has not been paid yet. Rishita assures the doctor that the money will be paid. Rishita calls Dev but he rejects her call. Here Shiva accuses Deva. She says she has to put up with Raavi because of him. He then asks who Shweta is. Dev again accepts Rishita’s call. He breaks up to talk. Rishita asks Dev if the money is ready for the surgery. Dev says that Dhara messed up the money in the bank and now they are asking Krish for the money but he refuses to give them the money. Rishita is shocked to hear this. He asks Dev to arrange the money somehow.

Shiva wants to know who Shaweta is. Gautam says Shweta is Krish’s wife. Shiva is stunned and asks who is Prerna then. Prerna says she will become Krish’s wife soon. Shiva is surprised to hear this. He argues with the family and asks why they didn’t find a girl and marry him. Gautam lies that no girl wants to marry him to handle the situation. Prerna asks Krish to focus on Natasha’s surgery now and asks him to go to the hospital and pay money for the surgery. Krish agrees. The brothers embrace Krish. The brothers accompany Krish to get the money.

There, Natasha tells Dhara that she is hungry. Dhara says she should not eat anything before surgery. Dhara sings a song to fall asleep. Rishita watches and smiles. He marvels at how selfless Dhara is. She prays to God to help her arrange the money.

The episode ends.

Prequel: Dhara wonders if her family will come to the hospital despite the curfew to support her. The Pandys are stuck in the house and unable to transfer money as the internet is down due to curfew. Rishita decides to arrange the money herself. Pandyas and Shivang are on their way. Rishita phones Dev. Rishita says she arranged the money. She says that she has decided to go along with the deal, which shocks Dev.


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