Pandya Store 3rd September 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Pandya Store
Pandya Store

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Rishita and all who come to ruin. Suman cuts the ribbon. He hugs Rishita. Everyone applauds. Rishita says we should do Kalash Puja and leave. Suman asks her to hurry. Raavi gets a call. He says we will reach soon. Rishita says Kalash is not here, Dhara should be careful. He argues with Dhara. Raavi checks the bags. Applies Swastik On Water Bottle. He’s Holding A Bottle By The Door. He asks Rishita to see how the ritual happened, just hit the bottle and come, they don’t have time. Rishita says someone has hidden the pot. Dev hits his head. Everyone is looking for Kalash/Pot. Shweta smiles. Raavi says we don’t have time. Rishita asks her to wait for some time. Suman asks Dhara to take Raavi and Shiv to get the car, they will arrive. Rishita says I didn’t go inside till now. Suman says I cut the ribbon. Raavi says no, I will go with my whole family. Suman asks why you both are stubborn. Raavi says no, it is the first car of the family. Shiva asks her to listen to Suman. He says the whole family should be there. Shweta thinks no one will train me if I make them fight then I will leave Chiku after a month. She asks Rishita to check the baby bag, maybe she kept it. Rishita says no, I don’t. Shweta asks to check her once. Raavi checks and gets Kalash. Everyone looks at Rishita. Raavi says you should have checked your bag once. Rishita says I swear, I left it in that bag. Raavi says you did it on purpose, right, you didn’t like that I bought a car, you made a delay, 5 minutes left. Rishita says Ok, we will go and buy a car. Raavi says we won’t reach shop in 5 minutes, now you remember. Rishita says We Will Reach, Come.

Suman asks them to stop it is fine if they miss Mahurat all timings are good. Raavi gives water to Kalash. She asks Rishita to hit Kalash now and go inside. Dhara asks Rishita to fight later and do rituals. Rishita cries. She says I know everyone will blame me now. She hits Kalash. Everyone applauds. Shweta looks on. Dev Locks The Godown. Everyone leaves.

Pandyas Buy a car. Everyone dances happily. The man congratulates Suman and gives her the car keys. Raavi says but Mahurat. Suman says stop, all timings are good, take the key and do the puja. Raavi is doing Puja. Dhara Hugs Raavi. Krish says I will take selfie with car. Suman says yes take it. They are taking a selfie. Man gives car insurance papers. He thanks them. Raavi accepts Suman’s blessings.

He says I have updated my life with a car. Everyone applauds. Shweta asks Raavi to sit, the car is from her. Rishita says Suman will sit in front, it is all about values. Raavi says right. She asks Suman to sit in the car first, Gautam will drive the car, they are the eldest. Gautam says Ok, I will sit when all the laxmis of the house are sitting. He takes women for a ride in his car.

Dhara says we have no place for Shweta. She asks Krish to get Shweta on the bike. He says I will take Chika with me. Shweta says I will drive. Suman asks him to return home with Krish. Krish And Shweta Leave. He says thanks for telling us about the baby bag or we would have never gotten the Kalash.

Shiva teaches car driving to Raavi. He asks her to have sweets. He says I want to thank you. She asks Why. She says you don’t know, buying a car was dad’s dream, then mom and Gautam’s dream, mom thought every son would get it, but you got it for her, I feel proud of you. Raavi laughs and says I love you. Shiva says I love you too, come here. He kisses her. She Drops The Sweets Down. Rishita Consoles Sanchi. He asks Dev to see. Dev says I will console her. Dhara Says Shweta, Feed The Milk To Chiku, Dev Said Chutki Is Hungry, I Will The Milk For Her Also. Shweta asks her to see, the curry is still burnt. Shweta checks the net how sour milk. She cuts a lemon and adds some juice in a bottle of milk. Dhara turns around.

Front lid:
Rishita shouts at Dhara. She asks Suman to see, Dhara fed spoiled milk to Chutki. She gets angry and throws the milk bottle down. Everyone is shocked.


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