Pandya Store 31st March 2023 Written Update: Krish’s outburst shocks Dhara


Episode starts with Dhara does aarti. Gautam gets upset that Dev’s phone is switched off and decides not to spare him when he arrives. Krish looks at the letter. Taking him aside, Prerna asks him to meet Shweta if he feels it is the right thing to do. Krish says he hates Shweta. Gautam drops things and then blames Rishita for everything that is happening. Rishita serves food to everyone here. The children demand to go home. Rishita tells Dev that they made a mistake by bringing children here. Meanwhile, Dhara scolds Gautam for blaming only Rishita when both Dev and Rishita are equally wrong. Krish also blames Dev. Meanwhile, Dev tells Rishita, now they are doing a mistake by switching off the phone. Rishita agrees to switch on the phone. The children are crying hard. Rishita silences them. Here Krish says that women always ruin others lives. Both Dhara and Prerna warn him. Krish apologizes and says he is not talking about all women. Dhara stops Gautam from calling Dev and then asks Krish to go to Ahmedabad to bring Natasha. Krish shouts that he has his own works why he has to suffer for Dev and then leaves. Dhara and Gautam are shocked. Prerna goes to see Krish.

Here, Rishita and Dev are waiting for their turn to meet the doctor. Chiku, Shesh and Mithu are also with them. The three act and trouble everyone in the hospital also refusing to listen to Dev and Rishita. The doctor calls Dev and Rishita so they both ask the kids to wait for them until he comes back and also asks one of the staff to keep an eye on the kids and then leaves. The doctor informs about the difficulty of finding a donor for Chutki and also about Chutki’s health. Dev and Rishita are sad and worried. Here Chiku tells Chutka and Mithu that Dev, Rishita won’t take them home so they have to do something. Chutki says just like yesterday they can go back to Somnath themselves. They all decide to take Shesh with them and then leave. Rishita and Dev take a call from Somnath Hospital. The doctor scolds Rishita for switching off her phone and then informs that her donor Natasha has been found. Dev and Rishita are happy and then ask about the identity of the donor. Doctor says it is Dhara. Dev asks the doctor about the message they got during Holi. The doctor informs that it was wrong and apologizes for the confusion, then urges them to bring Natasha immediately. Dev and Rishita oblige. Rishita worries that Dhara may not give her kidney to Chutka as she misbehaved with her. Dev tells Rishita about Dhara’s selfless acts all these years and says that she hasn’t understood yet so he doubts Dhara but is sure that Dhara will be willing to be Natasha’s donor. Both are then shocked that they didn’t find the children, but then find them outside and decide to go to Somnath.

Shivang meets one of Pandya’s friends. She interrogates him about the laddu he fed Shweta during Holi. The guy admits that he is feeding it to Shweta as per Raavi’s instructions. Here Krish comes to meet Shweta. Shweta expresses her happiness that he came back to her. She then tells Krish that he has no choice but to save her. Krish says nothing like that will happen. Shweta shows him footage of Raavi asking a guy to feed her baang laddoo and also dancing with her. Krish is shocked. Shweta also shows a video of her and Krish in their room where she tries to take advantage of him but turns down the sound so it looks like the two are romantic, then threatens to take it to court and warns him of the consequences. Krish refuses to save her and then leaves.

Introduction: Gautam questions Dhara for withdrawing huge money. Dhara says that she gave it to Shivanga, who is not a family member, and calls him a cunning person, which shocks both Gautam and Suman. Shivang shows the will in his name stating that he has an equal right to Pandya’s property and then demands her to give him 25 lakhs. Dhara looks shocked.


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