Pandya Store 31st August 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Pandya Store
Pandya Store

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Shweta Thinking Of Her Mom Nuting Her To Stay With Chiku. Her mom says if you don’t want to stay with him then take this bag and leave, I can’t leave you here and not help you financially. FB is ending. Shweta tries to Console Chiku. Shiva says they will come anytime, they are testing Dhar. Rishita says Dhara will start crying now, I told her not to keep Chika. Gautam holds Dhara. Shweta And Her Parents Try To Calm Chika. Dhara goes to Chiku and hugs Shweta. She asks Shweta to handle Chiku, he is her child.

He asks how long I will have him with me. Shweta thinks Dhara gave me Chika easily, I have to handle him now, no. Dev claps for Dhara and says I expected this from you. Raavi says I know how difficult it is for Dhara, we are with you. Gautam says we are proud of you Dhara. Suman says Ok, we will give you time. Shweta says she cries whenever she comes in my arms, Dhara do something. Suman asks how will you get used to Dhara consoling him every time, you have to handle him. Dhara says yes, mom says truth, Chiku is a good boy, he will be fine.

She asks Krish to sleep on the lawn, she will give peace to Shweta. Krish says Ok, I will help you. He goes to get things from Chiku. Suman prays for Dhar’s courage. Dhara goes upstairs crying. Krish is worried about her. He feels sad when he sees her crying. Rishita Says Its Good Shweta Has Come. She asks Shweta to try and bond with Chiku, then take him away, we won’t talk when everyone asks his surname. Dev says you are in a hurry to send him. She says I am not saying anything wrong. Suman asks her to go and rest. She asks Shweta’s parents to go, in 10 days they will train Shweta and make her a responsible mother. Shweta asks for 10 days only. Suman says yes. Shweta’s dad thanks Suman for giving Shweta a chance. Her mom asks Shweta to take care. They are leaving.

Shweta attends the call. She goes to talk to her friend. She says Dhara gave me baby, I M Badly Stuck, I Will Talk Later. Krish Says They Left Chiku Here, What Will Dhara Go Through When She Sees Chiku With Someone. He hears Chika crying. He says it is not fair that Lord didn’t give the child to Dhara and Shweta who doesn’t even know how to console the child. Dhara comes and arranges Chiku’s clothes. She asks Krish to keep his clothes in another cupboard. Gautam gets Shweta’s bag. She says Shweta will come and arrange her clothes. Dhara Says Something Got In My Eyes. Krish Goes. Gautam says Sorry Dhara. He asks why are you saying sorry, it’s not your fault. Krish hears them. Dhara says I am very strong, I can tolerate this little thing. Gautam hugs her. Krish leaves. Dhara hears Chika crying.

She says Ask Shweta Hold Chiku In Arms. Gautam says she will study, you can do it yourself. Suman asks Shweta to keep the bottle and feed the baby. Shweta says I can’t feed him, I am sick and taking medicine. Suman says Ok feed him bottle. Shweta thinks she will get Suman on her side. Raavi asks Chika to smile and give him Dhara’s stuff. She asks Shweta to feed him now. Krish looks and goes. Dev shows the website. Rishita thanks him and hugs him. He says I love you. He says I love you too. He says I will become a business woman now. She Puts Cream On Her Stretch Marks. Dev says try well first and then I will take you to Godown show. She asks what, I look bad, we will go tomorrow and see Godown. She says no if we leave without asking mom, then she scolds me, mom and Dhara were talking about some pujas and rituals. Sad. He says you always cry. He says I have not heard such things. She argues with Him. He says you don’t think anything since Sanchi came. She says I am also feeling, I have no control over myself.

Its night, Shweta sits and watches Chiku In The Cradle. He says it won’t be easy to please Suman, but I have to convince Suman and Dhara. Dhara comes there. She sees Chika and cries. Suman stops Dhara. She Says Its Tough For Shweta to Hand Chiku, its More Tough For You To See This, Don’t Lost Courage, Hide Your Feelings, Send Chiku with Shweta Happily, Its Better For Everyone. Dhara cries and hugs Suman.

Front lid:
Suman asks where is Chutki. Rishita And Dev Come With Baby. Suman scolds Rishita. Rishita says I don’t believe in these customs.


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