Pandya Store 30th August 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Pandya Store
Pandya Store

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Shiva, Gautam and Krish search for Raavi. Is in hospital. Shiva asks Did you see her. Lady Says You Are Raavi’s Husband Right, She Praises You Much, She Is Right, She Got Lade In Coming Home and You Got To Find Her. She sees someone and thinks its Raavi. He sees someone else and says sorry. He thinks of Raavi and cries. He says Where did you go, I swear I won’t fight you anymore. Receives a family video call. Gautam says we didn’t find her. Dhara asks Shiva what he thinks. Shiva says if he is not here, there is one place left to check. Rishita says hospital. Shiva says I will go and check. Dhara takes care of Chika. Rishita taunts her and asks her to keep her milk too. Dhara says I know there are two kids in the house. She is going. Suman asks Rishita to leave some drama for tomorrow.

Shiva comes to the hospital. He says it’s the last place. He calls Raavi. Raavi is talking in a sleep/semi-conscious state. He hears her and goes to her. He says Give me phone, I will call Shiv and curse him, he didn’t come. Shiva cries and asks her to get up. Doctor says she bumped into something and passed out, maybe she was scared, she will be fine sometime, you can take her when she regains consciousness, give her medicine and take care. He apologizes. He gets up. He asks are you okay. She beats him and scolds him. He says I was waiting for you, you didn’t come. He says I am wrong, it is my fault, I didn’t see the name of the hotel correctly and I went to the wrong place, I got angry, I didn’t check, you didn’t come there and I left in anger, beat me. She says I can only scold you because you are mine. He asks I’m yours, then you won’t leave, right. She nods. He says I love you. He says I love you too Shiva. He gets a call. He says I have Raavi. He asks Raavi Can She Walk. She nods. He asks her to come.

In the morning, Raavi prepares breakfast for everyone. Shiva And Raavi Smile Seeing Each Other. Krish sings Muskurane Ki Wajah… Rishita laughs. Shiva scolds Krish. Suman asks Raavi what happened yesterday. Raavi says I was coming back, my wallet was stolen, I ran, the thief ran after me, I fell down and passed out, they admitted me in hospital, Shiva got me home. Suman says Fly more, then such greedy people will get after you. Dhara says its not Raavi’s fault. Suman asks them to become strong. Shiva says Raavi showed courage, she saved her bag from the thief. Dhara says they attacked her, she will have to go far for shooting, we should buy a car for Raavi’s safety. Raavi asks what.

She asks Dhar not to worry. Dhara says if anything happens what we would do it will be safe for you. Rishita says Wow Bhabhi the car will come for our company queen. Dhara says See, Rishita liked my idea, she has no problem. He asks Suman to buy a car. Suman jokes. Rishita says why car for Raavi alone, it is not fair. Dev looks at her. He says you can just stare at me, I am not saying anything wrong. Gautam signs them about Suman. Dev says the car will come for everyone. Rishita asks why she can’t take cab. Dhara says yes but even taxi is not safe, Gautam, Krish or Shiva can drive and drop her, it will be easy for everyone. Dev says Yes. Suman asks if your brother is gifting a car, how will you get the money. Dhara says you will give the money. Suman says I will beat you. Dhara says Give loan to Raavi, she will pay it back, simple.

Rishita says you don’t get such ideas for me, you know I want money for business, I just want 3.5 million, you would need 8-10 million for a good car. Dhara says I spoke to Dev about your Godown, you can keep the supplies in my room, we will see you later. Rishita says its not fair. Suman says you talk so much, your jaw doesn’t hurt. Everybody is laughing. Rishita Punches Dev. Suman says you are all my children, I will give loan to all of you, then you all will disappear, so I decided not to give money to anyone. Dhara says I have an idea, we will sign the contract, everything will be written on it, who took the money and when will he return with interest. Suman smiles. Raavi says I don’t need a car. Rishita says No you need it, safety first, business last, Maa give her money. Suman says you are confusing me, decide first. Rishita says Give me money for business, Raavi is not my enemy, give her money for car. Suman says Ok I will give it. Everyone is smiling. Suman says but it will be a contract, you all will return it with interest. Rishita says yes. Dev says Done. Suman says 3 lakhs. Rishita says 3.5 million. Suman says Ok, And 8 Lakhs to Raavi. Krish asks Suman to give him some loan as well. He calls him to defeat. He says no.

Shweta’s parents come and say hello. Shweta’s mom says we have decided, Shweta can handle Chika. Shweta comes and takes Chika. Chiku is crying. Dhara is also crying. Shweta’s mom says Do us a favor, keep Shweta and Chika here in your house for few days, when their union happens, I will take them home, give us a month more. Everyone is watching.

Front lid:
Suman asks where is Chutki. Rishita And Dev Come With Baby. Suman scolds Rishita. Rishita says I don’t believe in these customs.


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