Pandya Store 2nd September 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Pandya Store
Pandya Store

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Krish takes Chika from Shweta. She makes you faint. Dhara asks is Chiku fine. She visits Shweta. She asks Raavi to help Shweta and marry her. Suman looks. They make Shweta sit and have water. Raavi asks what happened suddenly. Shweta says I get panic attacks sometimes. Krish scolds her. He says Dhara loves Chika, I don’t see her upset. He goes. Shweta Says I M Good For Nothing, I Don’t Know Anything, Dhara Please teach Me How To Handle Kids. She asks Suman to teach her. She says I don’t know anything about housework, I don’t know if Chiku will stay happy with me or not, help me become Dhara, I am ready to learn everything, I can’t see Chiku crying. Suman says Ok, I will teach.

Dev And Rishita See A Godown. He says I am thinking about money, Raavi can buy anything she likes. Dev says he gives money to Suman and always asks her permission. She Says She Gifted Costly Chain To Chutki, I Want This Godown. She says Ok, I will talk to mom, stop crying.

Shweta says Teach me foot massage too, I will learn and then I can massage Chiku too. Suman says no need, feed the baby now. Shweta says Dhara is feeding him, next time I will feed him, let me give you foot massage. Suman asks them to get Chutki. Dev and Rishita come home. Suman asks where did you get Chutki. Rishita says I went to some work, everyone is busy after Chiku, I left Chutki with my mom, they are worried about Chutki. Suman scolds her. Rishita says I am her mom. Suman Says I M Everyone’s mamm, mamm and baby can’t step out before 40 days after delivery, a woman is Weak and should take care. Rishita says I wanted to start a business. Suman says we should take the child to the temple first and follow customs. Rishita says I don’t believe in these customs, my work is worship. Suman says Wait for two months, your body will get stronger, what are you in a hurry, you are jealous that Raavi is earning fast. Shweta looks on. Rishita cries.

Dhara asks what are you saying, Rishita is already ambitious, why would she be jealous. Rishita says I was never jealous, now Raavi has become your earning Bahu, so you are underestimating me, I am not jealous of her, I am happy for her, I am not careless, I am capable, I can handle my child and cooperate. Suman asks Dev to wipe her tears. Shweta laughs. Suman asks her to focus on Chiku. Dhara says Chutki puja was done on Janmashtami, forget it now. Raavi says Yes we will go to temple and hold pooja. Rishita says drama will happen when it is only about me, I saw The Godown and Raavi’s car too. Suman asks why, Raavi will pay the EMI, so she will choose it. Rishita says she has no knowledge, I saw the car, she will come tomorrow. Suman says it is Raavi’s car. Rishita says you say whatever comes home will be from everyone. Raavi says Yes, thanks for checking the car, but I have already selected the car. Rishita asks which one. Raavi says Suzuki Dzire, I am happy first car will come according to my earnings. Rishita says Wow, you are showing kindness, thanks for the insult. Dev says you are insulting her. Rishita argues. Suman says I am giving money for your business and Raavi’s car. He will ask the developer to do the paperwork and start paying EMIs from next month. He asks them to come and take the money. Chiku is crying. Shweta says I don’t know why she is crying. Dhara says you will console him, mom should know what the child wants. Suman asks everyone to come quickly. He says we will go to Puja and we will go to Puja, then we will go and buy car, then we will do Puja, we will go and have ice cream. Raavi says it will be so good. Shweta and Chiku Come down.

Rishita gets Chutki. Dhara says I have new clothes for both kids. Rishita Says Its An Imp Day, I Wont Make Her Wear Middle Class Clothes. Suman says Dhara, Dev and I are also middle class. Rishita Says Sorry, I Didn’t Mean It, I M Saying, I Got A Nice Dress, Please Let Me Make Her Wear This, I M Sorry, Next Time, I Will Make Her Wear The Clothes Of Your Choice. Shweta asks Dhara not to feel bad. He says I will Chiku wear clothes of your choice, his best. Rishita says you have no wishes for him, I will do my best for my child, you are not making any effort for your child, you came here to make Chika yours or from Dhara. Shweta says not everyone has a fate like you, you have a good family who loves a foreign child so much, you are lucky to have Dhara, you have started taking Dhara for granted. Rishita Thinks Wow, She Is Also Give Me Gyaan. Shweta says Chutki is lucky to have a loving family, my mom was busy in parties, dad was on business trips, I trusted a stranger and got cheated. She is crying. Suman says Forget it, stay happy. She asks them to hurry. Dhara says I forgot something, I will just get it. She gets scissors to cut the ribbon and a kalash for the puja. Krish says we will come home and party. Rishita says no one has kalash for me, I want to do puja. Raavi says Take this Kalash, I will get another one from the temple. Rishita thanks her. Shweta sees Kalash. She thinks Rishita is the weakest link, she can make me get rid of Chiku.

Front lid:
Someone adds lemon to milk. Rishita shouts and blames Dhara for poisoning the milk.


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