Pandya Store 29th March 2023 Written Update: Dhara steals the train tickets


The episode starts with Suman calling Dhara a failure and accusing her of provoking Rishita. Now she is alone again because of her mistakes. Dhara says even though she is alone that her Chiku has left her. Suman scolds her for only worrying about Chika and asks her to celebrate her happiness by dancing. Dhara says she will fulfill her wish. Suman is confused. Dhara plays a song and dances. Suman follows Dhara. Gautam arrives home. He is confused. Dhara asks Suman to see how happy she is and then quickly turns around.

Gautam saves Dhara from falling and asks her what happened. Suman also requests the same. Dhara tells her how much Suman’s taunting hurts her and says how much she misses brother Pandya. Suman refuses to believe her. Dhara shows her the tickets and says she stole them without his knowledge. Suman gets hope. On FB it is shown that Dhara is taking tickets without his knowledge.

At the station, Dev realizes that the tickets are missing. Rishita scolds him. Dev asks her not to start an argument. Then he goes to check what he can do. Natasha cries and says she doesn’t want to go. Rishita tells her that it is important that she goes for treatment with them. Mithu asks her where is Raavi. Rishita is seen on FB informing Raavi about her plan to take Mitha to Ahmedabad over a call. Raavi asks her to take care of Mitha. Rishita tells Mithu that her mother will meet them in Ahmedabad. Dev arrives there with the tickets. Mithu demands to speak to Raavi, so Dev calls Raavi. Mithu gets convinced after talking to Raavi and agrees to accompany Rishita.

Krish and Prerna meet the lawyer for Krish’s divorce from Shweta. The lawyer says that the case is complicated, but confirms to Krish that he and Shweta met in private and also asks him to be more careful and keep his distance from Shweta. Both Prerna and Krish are worried. Here, Gautam shouts at both Dhara and Suman for not being able to stop Dev from leaving the house after he found out. He then calls Dev and orders him to return home immediately, but Dev says they can’t, they have also reached Ahmedabad. Gautam is shocked. In jail, Shweta asks Shivang to do what she asks him to also take CCTV footage of the Holi video clip in which she and Krish danced closely. Shivang informs her that she needs money to implement this plan. Shweta reassures him by reminding him how she was the one who helped him then. FB shows Shivang begging people from the shooting to give him money for his mother’s last rites. Shweta learns that Shivang has a connection with Pandya, so she gives him money and exchanges phone numbers. Shivang and Shweta are smiling. The officer asks Shivanga to leave. Shweta also requests the same and asks him to execute the plan immediately.

Gautam drinks alcohol and pushes Dhara away when she tries to stop him. Suman asks him not to drink. Krish and Prerna return home and are shocked to see Gautam’s behavior and rush to Dhara. Here, Dev and Rishita bring the children to their Ahmedabad house. The children say the house is too small. Rishita assures them that they will manage. He then sees Dhara calling Dev but stops Dev from taking the call and says that Dhara will emotionally blackmail him. He suggests turning off the phone. Krish tries to calm Gautam down. Dhara receives a call from the hospital that her kidney is a match for Natasha. Dhara is happy and informs others. Everybody is happy. Gautam arrives there and apologizes to Dhar for his behavior. Dhara tells him that respect is more important in a relationship, also his behavior in front of Suman is unacceptable, so she will definitely not forgive him. Gautam stares guiltily ahead.

Introduction: Dev convinces Rishita to turn on their phone. Later, Rishita receives a call from Somanath Hospital that Natasha has received a donor. Rishita and Dev are happy. Rishita asks the doctor who is the donor.


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