Pandya Store 29th August 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Pandya Store
Pandya Store

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Dev says we will get 50 million when the child turns 18, the money will be useful for her college education. Gautam A Dhara smile. Rishita clicks her selfie. He holds the Face. Dev says fate should be like Yashodan, his family is rich, sorry. Dhara Says Its Fine, You Don’t Say Anything Wrong, Chiku Is Lucky. Raavi and Shiva do not see each other. Shiva Leaves In Cabin. He also takes a taxi and leaves. Rishita says Why is a random girl sending a friend request to Dev. She shouts Dev. Dev runs to her. She throws pillows at him. She scolds him. He says you have no interest in me now. He asks what I did. He says you don’t care about us. He says I discussed the policy we adopted for Chutki. Dhara says that stress is not good for you and the baby. Rishita says I am really bad, so I have problem with this small child, I am jobless, no one cares for me, no one wants to spend time with me.

Shweta asks how can you refuse dad to give me money. Her mom says I am doing this for your betterment. Shweta says I realized my mistake, I know but I can’t stop living my life. Her mom says Chiku is a part of your life, do you want him to consider Dhara as his real mom? Shweta asks how can I explain to you what I feel when I hear his cry whenever I take him I remember my old times when he cried for milk I didn’t have energy to feed him I didn’t have money to feed him when he comes in front of me , reminds me of the old days. Rishita says even my clothes don’t understand me, they don’t fit me, has anyone thought how I manage? Dhara says Dev will take you shopping, we are worried. Rishita says I feel useless, Raavi earns money, you take care of house, I am not doing anything, I want to do work. Dhara says you are doing work but now Chutki needs you, your body needs rest. Rishita says no, I don’t have time, I will start an online beauty line, you will make a website for me. He says we had many expenses this month, how will you handle stress and who will take care of Chutki. She asks if it is only my responsibility. He says you need rest. She says I feel irritated. He says every good thing irritates you, think well. Gautam goes after Dev. Dhara says Listen… Rishita asks her to forgive her and goes. Leaves of Dhara.

Shweta says we can’t raise Chika well as Dhara, let her stay with Dhara. Her mom says Chiku will stay here and it will be your penance, you had a child out of wedlock, your parents will help you raise Chiku.

Krish is playing TV. He talks about the movie. Dhara gets refreshments. He asks Dev to understand Rishita. Dev says it is difficult to handle the website, we have to pay big rent for Godown. She says Keep the Stock In My Room. Gautam says yes. Gautam sees Shiva coming and asks if the patch happened. Dev says it was my idea. Shiva scolds him. He says Raavi didn’t come, I sat there for four hours. Dhara says she left, you went to right place. Dev says I wrote correct address. Shiva says I went to resort, I threw gift angrily, she didn’t call me. Dhara says I had her phone, how could she call.

Raavi’s cabin breaks down. He asks her to take another car or taxi. He’s leaving. Gautam says you didn’t know they won’t meet. Dhara says Yes, I left her phone so you both don’t talk. Shiva says Dev sent me to such a place, I sat there for four hours, the waiter asked me to order something, I felt embarrassed. He goes. Gautam and Dhara take care of Raavi.

A man sees Raavi and stops her. He asks about Selfie. He says I saw your ad, you could get good money for it. She says yes. He says your wallet will also have money. He snatches her wallet. Shiva says she didn’t send the message that she will be late. Suman scolds Dhar for taking Raavi’s phone. Rishita Taunts Dev. Raavi runs and collides with the van. She passes out. The thief sees her and stops. Dev asks how did you leave in anger, did you go to W-Sea Resort. Shiva says I went to W-Cea Resort. Dev says Fool, you have reached wrong place and you are cursing Raavi. Shiva remembers two resorts. Dev asks if she is waiting there. Dhara says Shiva came home, Raavi didn’t come. People on the way see Raavi and try to help. The thief runs away.

Front lid:
Shiva is looking for Raavi. Shweta’s parents come to Suman. She says Shweta will handle Chiku, keep Shweta for few days with Chiku.


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