Pandya Store 28th March 2023 Written Update: Dev makes a request to Dhara


The episode starts with Dhara asking Rishita to leave and take the kids. Natasha cries and says she doesn’t want to go. Dhara asks her to go with Natasha. He then looks at Chika. Shesh instigates Chika against Dhara. Chiku promises to take care of Shesh. Dhara thinks that he gets angry easily, which he has to change and try to make amends. Meanwhile, the children complain about how the adults act like children. Mithu wonders where Raavi is. Shesh says she could meet them at the station. Meanwhile, Raavi is sad that neither Shiva nor Mithu is with her. Here Shiva refuses to pay the bills of Prafull’s house but the man who comes to collect the bills takes the amount and runs away. Shiva gets furious. Dev takes his bags outside and tells Dhara that last time he left the house angry but this time he is helpless so he asks her to understand. Dhara cries and asks Dev not to say that he and Gautam are already suffering. Dev says they are only doing this for their welfare. He then goes to take Suman’s blessings, but she refuses to bless both Dev and Rishita. Natasha goes to Dhara and cries that she doesn’t want to go with Rishita but wants her mom Shweta. Everyone feels helpless.

At the jail, Shweta asks the officer if anyone has come to save her. The officer mocks her and says no one has arrived. Shweta wonders what Shivank is doing when he is not saving her. Shivank decides to connect his house electric wire with Pandya. Shiva reaches there and demands Prafulla to open the door immediately. Raavi hears Shiva’s voice and gets worried realizing that Shiva is angry. Shiva sees that Shivank is trying to connect Prafull’s electrical connection with Pandya, so he asks him about it. Shivang says it is Dhara who asked him. Shiva refuses to believe so starts throwing things at him. Shivang runs away while Shiva chases him. At the house, Dev tells Suman to punish him however she wants but let him go. Rishita tells Natasha that she has no choice but to accompany her. Natasha is crying hard. Dhara asks Rishita not to go because of Chutki. Rishita is silent. Dev asks Dhara to take care of Gautam and also says that he did not inform Gautam about his decision. Suman calls him a coward and urges him to inform Gautam. Dev says that he is in a helpless situation and then leaves the house. The children hug Suman. Dhara opens her arms to embrace Chika, but she embraces Rishita. Dhara hugs Chika from behind and cries. Chiku leaves. Rishita takes Chutki and leaves the house. Suman and Dhara get injured watching them leave the house.

Here Shiva catches Shivanga and questions him. Shivang asks him to believe him that it is Dhara who asked him for this. Raavi hears their conversation from her room and gets worried. Shivang reveals to Shiva that he is Prafull’s son. Shiva asks him to call Prafulla as he sends someone to pay their bills and the man stole the money and then ran away. Shivang tells Shiva that he has no money now as he is spending it on buying gifts for Shiva and family. Shiva thinks Shivang is lying. Shivang takes the opportunity and runs away from there. He then meets Shweta and tells her that they need a huge amount to save her. Shweta asks Shivang to ask Krish which leads Shivang to mock her. Shweta then gets an idea which she shares with Shivang. Meanwhile, Suman blames Dhara for not being able to keep the family together and leaving alone. Dhara says she is alone without Chiku. Suman gets angry and scolds Dhara saying that she is sad because Chiku left. Dhara gets injured.

Introduction: Rishita receives a call from Somnath Hospital. The doctor says that her Chutki donor has been found. Dev and Rishita are happy. Rishita wishes to meet the donor. Dhara takes the call and the person on the other line tells Chutki that due to health issues, she cannot do the kidney transplant. Dhara is shocked.


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