Pandya Store 27th March 2023 Written Update: Rishita, Suman questions Dhara


The episode starts with Shweta begging the lady to let her call but the lady refuses to ask her to give money. At that moment, a constable arrives there to give food. Shweta notices the money which he steals by tricking her. She then gives the money to the lady who lives with her and takes her phone. Chiku says Shweta is nowhere to be found and demands a promise. Shivank promises the same. Suman curses and asks him to leave the thing. Shivank takes a call from Shweta and assures that her work will be done before she finishes her work, then hangs up saying that he will contact her back. Shweta hopes everything goes according to her plan. Here Shivank informs about the power cut and plays with the kids that without power he can’t find Shweta. Dhara and Suman scold him. Dhara goes to kitchen. Shivank follows Dhara into the kitchen. Here Suman tells Rishita that no one is going anywhere but Rishita says her decision is final. In the kitchen, Dhara asks Shivanka the reason for his visit. Shivank asks her to give him the electricity bill amount or threatens to tell the truth to both Raavi and Rishit. Then she goes outside and calls Rishita’s name. Dhara feels helpless and follows him.

Dhara stops Shivanka from talking to Rishita and says that Rishita is going to Ahmedabad and will take the children with her, which shocks and confuses both Rishita and Suman and they will also pay the bills later. Shivank calls her sweet. Dhara insults Shivanka and forces him to leave the house. She decides not to let Shivanka blackmail her. Rishita decides to pack but Dhara stops her and says she is not going anywhere. Rishita and Suman question her about her change in behavior. Dhara tells Rishita that she needs her help to keep everyone united, but Rishita refuses, saying that by staying apart they can also be together and then decides to leave for Ahmedabad. Suman scolds Dhar. Breaking down Dhara says she is tired of all this, she also says how all the actions are affecting her. It also contains Shivanka’s name and when Suman defends Shivanka, Dhara wishes she could reveal Shivanka’s true face. She then goes to see Chiku to try to change his mind, but Chiku tells her that she is not his mother and he leaves. Dhara gets injured. Chiku, Shesh and Mithu think how to let Shweta know that they are going to Ahmedabad. Chiku suggests leaving a letter for Shweta in her room.

Later, Rishita gets worried that she hasn’t found Natasha, so she asks Chika, Shesh and Mitha to find her, but all three refuse to leave her, saying that she will leave them if they go to find Natasha. Rishita is unable to convince the children. Dev reaches there so Rishita asks him to be with the kids and goes to look for Natasha. Dev stops the kids from following Rishita. Dhara is in Natasha’s room arranging things, she doesn’t see Natasha arrive and hides, so when Rishita asks Dhara about Natasha, Dhara says that Natasha is not here. She also begs Rishita not to leave. Rishita is shocked to see Natasha hiding under the table, so she accuses Dhara. Dhara asks Rishita to trust her that she is not aware of this. Rishita refuses to believe and tries to forcefully take Natasha with her, but Natasha holds Dhara’s hand and says she doesn’t want to go and hates Rishita too. Rishita blames Dhara and says regardless she will leave the place and take her children. Dhara looks on with tears in her eyes.

Introduction: Dhara pleads with Dev not to leave, but he remains silent. Rishita and Natasha leave the house. Later, Rishita gets a call from Somanath Hospital that they have found a donor for Natasha. Rishita is happy and asks the doctor who agreed to be Natasha’s donor. Dev and Rishita are waiting to hear back from the doctor.


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