Pandya Store 27th August 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Pandya Store
Pandya Store

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Shiva leaves angrily. Raavi asks Dhar Did she see Shiva yelling at her? Dhara says when we love each other we have some expectations, if we neglect them for a long time, then problems will arise, he is a child at heart, he wants your attention, go and hug him tightly, your problems will end. Raavi says our problems are increasing, Shiva does not care about me. She is going. Suman and Krish come to meet Shweta’s mom. Shweta looks on. Suman says Shweta has a heart of stone. Her mom asks how Chiku is, is he fine. Krish says we named him Yashodan. Suman Says I M Also A Mum, I Can’t Think Of Leaving My Children Alone, How Did You Leave A Little Baby Alone. Shweta’s mom apologizes. Suman says we all have hearts, Dhara joins the baby, I don’t want her to get emotionally hurt again, either take Chika forever or hand over Chika legally to Gautam and Dhara. Shweta says Please mom, say yes to adoption, I will start a new life. Her mom says I will try to explain to her. Suman says its time to become Devki and hand over Chika to Yashoda else take Chika with you. She leaves with Krish. Dhara says the fighting doesn’t end there. Gautam asks who did this now. She says Shiva and Raavi, they need to spend time together, they are not ready to end the fight, there are small babies in the house, how will it affect them. Dev says you are right, you explain Raavi, we will explain Shiva. Gautam says right why don’t we send them for a romantic dinner. Dev says we will send them to any resort.

Shweta prepares to leave. Her mom stops her and scolds her. He says Chiku’s Naamkaran also happened. Shweta asks her not to trouble her. Her mom says that Suman came and asked to adopt Chiku. Shweta says I Can’t Handle The Baby, I Need Some Time, I have to go now. She is going. Her mom says she is not taking care of the child, I will make her realize her responsibilities. Gautam and Dev ask Shiva to go to the resort. Shiva refuses. Gautam says Think of Raavi, she is so excited, just go. Shiva says she is not leaving her phone. Gautam says when he uploads his photos, then you will see.

Dhara says Shiva would leave, its fine. Gautam A Dev Praises Resort. Dev asks Shiva to go and spend quality time with Raavi. Shiva says I said no. Dev says ok, his wish. Shiva thinks. Dev asks if he will go or not. Gautam says he will go, we bet. Dev says I don’t have money. Shiva says I can’t believe Raavi wants to come with me. Dhara says we wanted you both to spend time together but you want to do whatever you want, Shiva refuses. Raavi says No, I am going, I don’t have time to prepare. Dhara says you are a natural beauty, Shiva likes you the way you are, go now. Raavi thanks her and goes.

Shiva and Raavi meet at the resort. He holds her hand and says sorry. He says no need to apologize and thanks. She hugs him. Jab Nain… Plays… They dance. They are having lunch. She dreams of this. The waiter comes to take her order. He looks around. She says later. Shiva comes to the resort. He loses the note with the address. He says Dev wrote something like that. He is going to another resort. He is looking for Raavi. She says she should have come. Dhara says I kept Raavi’s phone with me, she will focus more on Shiva. Gautam says switch off her phone else we will call her at work. Dev says their fight would end today. Raavi is looking for Shiva. He says I will give order later. Shiva calls Raavi and gets her number away. He is angry. She Says I’m Waiting For Someone, Wait For Some Time. The manager says the girl is influencing social media, don’t say anything. Shiva asks the waiter about Raavi. The waiter says No, she didn’t come. Shiva is looking for her. Raavi says you didn’t come to embarrass me, I hate you. Shiva says I will not forgive you.

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Dhara says Raavi didn’t come till now. Goon sees Raavi and follows her. She runs on the road. He collides with a truck and falls. Shiva is looking for Raavi


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