Pandya Store 26th August 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Pandya Store
Pandya Store

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Everyone is talking about Chiku’s Naamkaran. Dhara says no, its Chutki’s special day, only her Naamkaran will happen. Rishita asks her to stop the drama. Suman says I will name Chiku and Dhara will think Chutki’s name. Dev says Just don’t argue about the name. Rishita says I told you I will keep the formal name for Chutki’s school. Dhara says we will decide Rishita’s name. Suman scolds her. Dhara tells Sanchi how it is. Suman Sacchi Pandya, the best in the world. Shiva says no Sacchi, Sanchi. Suman says yes, Chutki’s name will be Sanchi and Chutki’s name will be Yashodhan, that means Yashoda’s Dhan. He asks them to play Shank. Raavi comes and stops Suman.

Raavi says I am little late, I got pendant and earrings for Chutki with the money I earned today. She gifts Chutki. Everyone is smiling. She makes Chutki wear a pendant. Kamini is watching. Suman says gold and silver are fine but we have to give her our values ​​and unity, our love, it is very imp. Dhara Also Gives The Gift To Chutki And Kisses Her. Shiva hears the ladies talking about Raavi. Suman asks Dhar to take Chika and sit. Dev asks the Pandit to start the Puja. Dhara And Rishita Sitting With Their Babies. Puja is done. Dev cradles Chutki. Shiva plays Shank. Everyone goes to do Aarti, move Kanha Swing and pray to Kanha. Shri Krishna…Playing…

Rishita says I asked for one day to make my daughter feel special but no one supported me. Dev says I will always support you, Dhara Keep A Good Name. She argues. He says I hate you and goes. Raavi hears them and says nothing can change Rishita’s mind. Dhara says Rishita is right, it was Chutki’s day. Suman asks everyone to listen. She calls everyone back. Rishita argues with Dhara. He says Chiku is a hero, for us he is Chutki, when you all accepted him as Pandya, then name his shop and property, right, it is a nice day. Shiva says Don’t be angry with a small child. Dev asks her to rest in the room. Rishita refuses. Suman asks them to get ice water for her. She says I forgot something Imp. Showing the Black Bead Necklace. She says Its Of Gautam, It For Chiku, It Will Save Chiku from Every Bad Sight. Dhara takes it. He stops Rishita in an argument. Suman gives Dev’s black beads to Chutki. Everyone is smiling.

Rishita looks at the black beads. Raavi says Be happy, mom doesn’t do any bias. Rishita says she has been doing this since childhood, so Gautam’s Beads Are Of Gold and Dev’s Beads Are Of Silver. Shiva and Dev say it doesn’t matter. Rishita asks the reason. Suman says Gautam’s beads are made of gold as my dad was really rich but he went bankrupt till Dev was born, be thankful it’s not copper. Rishita says I am talking about you not your dad. Suman says these beads are from Maayka, Chiku’s family left, so I gave it to him, but your Maayka is there, why didn’t they get this imp thing, how did they forget it, it would protect Chutki from bad look, Go and sleep now. Rishita goes. Suman asks Dev to explain Rishita. Dev Says Sorry, I Will Explain Her. Suman says like she will listen to you.

It is morning, Shweta is talking to her friend and making shopping plans. He says I want to forget my old life and move on. Her mom comes and says I am happy you are going back to your old lifestyle, thanks for coming back in our lives. Shweta Says I M Also Happy, Twinkle Called, We Are Thinking To Go to Dubai, It will be a good change. Her Mum Says But You Aren’t Fine And Chiku… Her Dad Asss Shweta To Go And Enjoy. He hugs Shweta and sends her away. Her mom says she has to think about herself and her baby. She says she has started coming out of trauma, give her some time, she will understand. Raavi is busy on a work call. Dhara hears her. Raavi says Dhara and Rishita will take care of the kids, there should be someone to take care of the house, I can’t be irresponsible. Dhara asks her to go to work. Raavi says No, Shiva has problem with my work. Shiva hears this and scolds her. He says you would tell Dhar that I am doubting you. Dhara says don’t get angry, she didn’t tell me anything. Shiva argues. Raavi asks him not to shout, even she can shout, try to understand otherwise go to hell. Dhara gets worried.

Front lid:
Suman meets Shweta’s mom. She Says Shweta Is Stone Hearted, Dhara Is Getting Attached with That Baby, I Don’t Want Her Get Emotionally Rale, Either take Chika or legally hand over Chika to Dhara and Gautam. Shweta hears this.


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