Pandya Store 25th August 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Pandya Store
Pandya Store

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Kamini compliments Rishita and asks her to come. Raavi argues with the lady. Dhara says Raavi is coming to shoot, mind your language, think before you speak. He asks how is this woman, how can she talk, shoot and come, come back in an hour, get ready after coming back. He asks her to leave Chiku’s clothes in her room. He says don’t mix Chiku and Chutki clothes. She is going. Raavi gets a call. Rishita asks if everything will remain fine. Dev says Yes, Dhara likes kids, he is not Chiku, he will fight with you even for our Chutki, stay happy, day is special.

Raavi keeps the bad clothes in a plate and goes. Krish calls her out. Shiva looks on. He keeps the bag in Dhar’s room. Kamini greets Pandit. Pandit Says Sorry, The Pandit Who Was Called Is Unwell, So He Sent Me To The Naamkaran. She Says There Is Naamkaran Puja For Two Babies. He says I was told about one child. She asks him to come. Rishita comes there. She gets happy when she sees the decorations. Dhara says Raavi kept only two Jodi clothes, I will make this to Chiku. Suman blesses Dev and Rishita. Dhara is being prepared. She gets Chika. Rishita shows her daughter to Pandit.

Dhara asks Suman to tell what is left. Suman says everything is done, enjoy. Raavi is busy shooting. The director asks her to relax and prepare the lines. Raavi is worried about the family. The cameraman says the camera went off. The director leaves angrily. Shiva says Raavi is not in office. Suman asks where did Raavi go. Dhara says she will just come, she went for her work.

Puja begins. Raavi says I have to go home. The lady argues with her and asks her to wait, another camera will come. Raavi says everyone is waiting for me at home. Janardhan and Kalyani come home. They get The Cradle. Pandit asks for only one cradle. Rishita says Baby Is One, So One Cradle. Pandit asks about another child. Rishita says my daughter’s Naamkaran is happening today. Kalyani asks how did you like the swing. Rishita says great. Suman shows gold earrings to Chutki. Dhara says I also have gold chain for Chutki. She Goes To Get It. Rishita says Suman didn’t tell me. Kamini says she wanted to surprise you who will do Naamkaran, Chutki has no bua. Dev Says Dhara Is There, She Will Keep Chutki’s Good Name, I Have A Relation Of A Sister, Bhabhi and Mum with Dhara, So Its Her Right. Shiva calls Raavi.

Raavi tells the lady that she did what she could do best. She says I uploaded the video, I have to go now. The lady says we have to tell everyone on social media that this girl is unprofessional. Rishita asks Pandit why are you doing everything twice. Pandit says I was told about Naamkaran of two babies. He asks who told you that. He says woman. He is looking for Kamini. He signs towards Kamini. Dhara comes there. Everyone sees Dhara.

Rishita says Dhara. Dev says its fine if Dhara thought so. He asks Pandit to start. Rishita says I don’t want to keep Naamkaran today. He gets up. Janardhan asks why, this feature is kept for our Chutki. Suman asks Rishita to sit down, think like a mother. Rishita Says Yes, Dhara Doesn’t Worry For Chutki, I Have No Problem With Chiku, Dhara Knows Everything, Even Then She Wants To The Naamkaran Today, So She Told The Pandit Without Distancing With Anyone Else. Dhara says you are mistaken, I did not say anything to Pandit. Rishita says you always act innocent.

Kamini smiles. Rishita sees the clothes in the plate. He sees Chiku’s Clothes With Chutki’s Clothes. Rishita asks Dhara about this. Dhara says I don’t know, I told Raavi. Kalyani says Just say you cant tolerate Rishita giving the first heir of new generation to this family, I Know It, You Will Do Something, You Ruined A Special Day Of Own Blood For Someone’s Blood. Suman says until this child is in Dhara’s lap, this child is from this house. Dhara is crying. Suman says I will not hear anything against this child.

Gautam says she is right, Chiku is ours till she is in our house. Dev says we will keep Chiku’s Naamkaran also along with Chutki’s.

Front lid:
Suman shows black beads and says it was from Gautam. She Gives That To Dhara For Chiku. Gives the Black Beads of Dev’s Childhood to Chutki. Rishita argues with Suman.


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