Pandya Store 24th March 2023 Written Update: Krish teases Dhara and Gautam


The episode starts with Dhara taunting Shweta and saying that the children will come back to them. She then signs on Prerna who decides to leave at the same time Shweta also moves towards the stairs and Prerna’s face is revealed. Krish is worried. Shweta questions Prerna that she is a shameless person and also scolds Pandya for not listening to her. Krish asks Shweta to listen to him, but Shweta says that she is going to file a complaint against both Prerna and Krish. Dev signs in Dhara. Dhara breaks Shweta’s phone and tells her that she will grant her this wish too, then calls the inspector. The inspector and her team will arrive there. Krish taunts Shweta and says she will go to jail now. Dhara tells the inspector pointing at Shweta that they filed a complaint against her who kidnapped Chutki. Shweta asks the cops not to believe Pandya. Rishita gives evidence. Inspector arrests Shweta. Krish invites Shweta to marry Prerna. Shweta refuses to divorce him, but Krish tells her how to get a divorce. The cops take Shweta with them. Shweta threatens Pandya and Prerna. Dev-Rishita and Krish Prerna hug each other. Dhara happily tells them that their first mission is now successful, the children are next. Rishita says she has an idea to convince the kids. Dhara smiles.

Here, Suman expresses her happiness that Shweta has gone to jail. Gautam also agrees with her and says that he has to ensure that Shweta doesn’t get out of jail. Suman says she has faith in both Dhara and Gautam who can keep the family together. He then tells Gautam that he has to conduct Krish and Prerna’s wedding soon. Gautam obliges. He then looks at the flower shop and thinks that his behavior towards Dhara for the past 7 years was not at all justifiable and decides to buy her flowers. Suman encourages him to buy and says he made a mistake and mistreated Dhara. Gautam hesitates but buys the flower.

Later, Gautam meets Dhara and gives her a flower which makes Dhara emotional and happy. He makes her wear a flower. He then kneels before her and apologizes to her for the way he has treated her all these years. He also says that he realized that Dhara is the only person who can keep the family together. Dhara knelt before him but before she could say anything Gautam stopped her. They both look at each other lovingly. Krish and Prerna reach there and observe them from outside. Dhara is about to kiss Gautam on the forehead, Krish decides to leave the place, but Prerna pushes him in, which shocks both Dhara and Gautam and they both move away from each other. Gautam scolds Krish. Krish accuses Prerna that she is the one who pushed him inside. Prerna enters the room.

Both Dhara and Gautam ask Krish and Prerna why they are here. Krish and Prerna start arguing with each other over whose plan it is. Dhara smiles. Prerna threatens Krish that she has decided to drop the plans. Krish is shocked and finally tells their plan to go on a long journey. Dhara and Gautam gives permission. Gautam gives pocket money and realizes that Krish won’t need it as he is a millionaire. Krish takes the money and says that Gautam’s money is more precious than what he earns, which makes them all emotional. Gautam tells Krish and Prerna to meet him in the afternoon as he has to meet a divorce lawyer. They both oblige and then leave. Dhara and Gautam say I love you to each other. Gautam leaves for the shop. The kids search for Shweta and decide to ask the elders. Meanwhile, in jail, Shweta decides to destroy Pandya’s peace.

Introduction: Dhara comes to know about Rishit’s plan to return to Ahmedabad, so he tries to stop her and informs Suman. Suman says she will talk to Dev, but Rishita says it was Dev who went to buy the tickets, shocking Dhara and Suman. Later, Dev gives the tickets to both and Shesh and Natasha to Rishit.


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