Pandya Store 24th August 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Pandya Store
Pandya Store

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Shweta thanks Dhara and leaves. Dhara says I will take care of Chiku, I will not come to anyone to cry when Chiku leaves, you all focus on Chutki, not Chiku and me, focus on Chutki’s Naamkaran and Janmashtami, Chutki is lucky to have a family, Chiku has His mommy and still he is an orphan, he got his first name from a foreign family. She hugs him and cries.

Rishita Says Wow, You Don’t Cast Bad Sight On Chutki By Calling Her Lucky, Why Don’t You Say That You Are Sad That Chiku Is Unlucky. Dev stops her. Raavi says you are thinking wrong, Dhara says Chutki is lucky. Rishita says I have right meaning, Dhara can keep Chiku’s Naamkaran along with Chutki. Raavi says so what, Chiku is also a child, no one welcomed him back. She takes Chika and hugs him. He asks He didn’t want to miss anyone, you don’t want to hug him. Shiva says I missed him. He hugs Chika. Raavi Says I Understood Shweta, She Won’t Do Chiku’s Naamkaran, I Think We Should Keep The Babies’ Naamkaran Together. Rishita says Chutki is the first child of our new generation, I can’t share her special day with anyone. He sees everyone and goes.

Dhara says to Dev, Don’t Feel Bad For Me, I Got Habitual To Her Word Now, But Sometimes She Makes A Limit, She Became A Mom, How Can She Be So Rude Towards A Baby. He takes Chika and goes. Kalyani talks to Rishita on the call. She asks if Dhara Get Adamant Get The Baby Back. Rishita says no the baby is back, she is upset that Chiku’s Naamkaran is not happening. Kalyani asks what should I say now, whatever happens, I don’t want to spoil our relations.

Kalyani says Try That Chutki’s Special Day Is Just Of Her. Rishita says Yes, I am trying my best. Raavi gets sweets for everyone. He thinks of some names for Chutki. Dev says I will name my daughter, Saanvi. Suman says I will call her Malti. Rishita says Think of the good name. Suman says no, I will not think. Dev asks Dhara to say what name she thought. Rishita says I will keep my last name, you can say that. Suman says Chill Now. Rishita says his whole life Chutki, I will keep the name, it is strange.

Its morning, Shiva and Raavi fall on the swing while he is making decorations. Krish And The Neighbors Ladies Check Out. Chup Chupke Dilbar Ka….Playing…. Shiva and Raavi have an eye lock. Krish signs them. It fits correctly. Shiva says you always fall, the swing is ready but not for us, it is for Laddoo Gopal. The lady says that Shiva will always find a chance to romance Raavi. Raavi smiles. She gets a call. Shiva asks Krish Can’t You Hold A Rope, You Have No Strength, I Will Ask Dhara to Give You Two Rotis More. Krish jokes on them. Raavi looks and smiles.

Suman comes and meets the ladies. She asks them to sing, dance and look happy, its Janmashtami, Mahurat is at 12 midnight. Kanta and her Bahu Come. She says you have done well to keep two functions on one side. Suman says Yes, you haven’t had a party in a long time. Dhara gets Laddoo Gopal. Ladies compliment Dhara and Idol. Gautam Wards Off The Bad Sight. Dhara smiles. Lady asks Suman Have they adopted Chiku, are they doing his Naamkaran today. Suman says idea is good. Dhara says one day, his mom is there to keep his good name. Dev sees Rishita and helps her. She Says I M Really Happy Today, My Family Will Be Coming, Don’t Tell Them Anything To Offend Them. He says I will try. He says Do your best. Kamini comes and greets. Suman says you came before the function started. Kamini says everyone is coming, tell me if there is any job. Suman says my Bahus and sons did everything. Raavi gets a call. She says I can’t come, I have a function at home. Shiva says I wish to put her phone in Havan Kund. Gautam keeps Kanha Idol on the swing. Rishita says I will pray that the function goes smoothly, Dhara’s over sensitive nature might cause problem and she might also keep Chiku’s Naamkaran. Kamini comes and hears them. Rishita says Dhara will be hurt if Chiku leaves, I know you don’t like it. Kanta asks Dhara to keep the new plates, Raavi is not here to keep the children’s things. Dhara asks Krish to keep the plates. Raavi collides with the lady and the phone falls. The phone goes on speaker. Everyone can hear the conversation. Raavi thinks why the speaker is not missing. Lady Threatens Raavi when Raavi says she can’t come to the shoot. Raavi argues with her. Rishita says I have no problem with Chiku but it is my Chutki day, I don’t want Dhara to do anything. Kamini thinks she will do a little drama in a big function.

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Rishita asks Pandit why he is preparing for Naamkaran of two babies. Pandit says I was asked for Naamkaran of two babies. Dhara is coming. Everyone is looking at her.


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