Pandya Store 22nd March 2023 Written Update: Gautam threatens Shiva


The episode starts with Dhara expressing her fear and apprehension to Gautam. Gautam assures her that Chiku is their only one. Dhara then asks why everyone is mocking her. She adopted Chika, but she is nothing less than a mother who gave birth to children. He also decides not to spare Shweta. Gautam, Krish and Prerna decide to be on Dhar’s side. Dhara apologizes to Prerna for putting her in this situation. Prerna asks her to stop treating her like an outsider if she really thinks she is family. She also tells Dhara that the work she asked her to do is done. Prerna hugs Dhara. On the other hand, Rishita is worried about Shesh, Dev consoles Rishita and says that everything will be fine and their children will definitely come back to them. Rishita regrets how she treated Shesh all these years and then hugs Dev. Meanwhile, Raavi goes to Shiva to give the medicine, but he shouts at her. Then he pulls her out of the room. Other family members rush to see what happened. Dhara scolds Shiva for his behavior towards Shiva. Shiva accuses Dhara of always supporting Raavi. Dev comes to support Raavi but Shiva accuses him of liking Shiva. Everyone is shocked.

Rishita asks Shiva to listen to them but Rishita silences her saying that he doesn’t know who she is and she is also not family so he asks her to stay away. He then tries to throw Raavi out of the house. Pandya brother tries to stop Shiva from throwing Raavi out of the house. Gautam pushes Shiva away and warns him to stay away from Raavi. Shiva complains that both Gautam and Dhara always support Raavi. Suman scolds Shiva for his behavior. Mithu comes there and calls Dev as father and asks him to help him with the clothes. Shiva is confused. Others are worried. Raavi is confused. Mithu also asks for Raavi’s help as he wants to use the toilet. Shiva asks Dev when he married Raavi. Why doesn’t he remember anything. Rishita tries to intervene but Shiva shouts at her not to interfere in family matters. The Pandya’s feel helpless as Shiva demands an answer from them. Then he gets dizzy so his brother takes him to his room. Raavi informs Dhara where Shiva’s medicine is while Rishita takes Mitha from there. In the room, Gautam, Dev and Krish try to calm Shiva down to give him the medicine. Shiva falls asleep.

Raavi completely breaks down in front of everyone. Dhara tells Raavi that they have no option but to follow the doctor’s advice, so she asks Raavi to stay away from Shiva for a while. Raavi cries heavily. Suman suggests Raavi to stay in her aunt’s house as she has the right to do so. Raavi refuses but both Suman and Rishita convince Raavi. Mithu refuses to go with Raavi and says he will stay where Chiku and Shesh are. Suman assures Raavi about Mithu’s safety. Dhara promises Raavi that everything will be back to normal soon. Raavi cries hard and hugs her. The next day, Raavi is busy cleaning the house, where a guy in a hoodie walks in. He pushes her to the ground and Raavi gets injured. Raavi addresses the guy as Shivang. Shivang takes Raavi to the hospital to treat her injuries. At Pandya’s house, Chiku Chutki and Mithu are looking for Shesh. Rishita Dev and Dhara find that Shesh is not at home, so they rush to find him. They see the wall in which Shesh left a message for them to find his parents. Rishita cries but Dhara assures her that they will find Shesh at any cost. A man arrives there and informs Dhara that Shesh has met with a big accident which shocks everyone.

Introduction: Shweta is shocked to see Prerna in the house, so she decides to call the police, but Dhara breaks the phone and calls the inspector, who arrives and arrests Shweta. Family members applaud. In jail, Shweta decides not to let the Pandys live in peace.


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