Pandya Store 22nd August 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Pandya Store
Pandya Store

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Dev says I M Troubled By Some Matter, I Don’t Understanding What To Do, I M Worried For Dhara. Suman says Lord made this destiny, we will not change destiny, one will get what is written in destiny. Dev Says Gautam And Dhara Didn’t Have A Child To Raise Us, Today, I Can’t Support Her. Suman says yes, Rishita took Chutki from Dhara, Dhara would feel bad but I understand Rishita’s fear. Dev says I want Dhara to raise Chutki but Rishita says it is her right. He says Rishita is right. He asks if I have the right to the child. Suman says everyone has a right to a child, she will be brought up well, I also had a problem that Dhara is bringing up three of you, I was helpless that I was paralyzed, Dhara brought you up with love and allowed you, she didn’t Take away my rights. and respect, the whole family will bring up Chutki but the final decision will be Rishita and yours, Pandit is coming for Naamkaran. Rajjo enters the house. Suman catches her and asks her to tell why she came. Rajjo signs it. Suman scolds her and asks her not to over act. Rajjo says Raavi called me, I am not a thief. Suman asks why did you call me. Rajjo says girls in my village have smart phone, they recorded my video, Raavi called me here. Raavi is coming. Rajjo says you are really beautiful. She talks about her supportive mom and her dreams for her mom. Raavi says I saw your videos, you will fly in air, I will make your videos viral, then you will become famous. Rajjo asks her to come to the village pilgrimage. He will run away.

Rishita takes care of her child. He calls Raavi. She goes outside and sees her family coming with gifts and sweets. Janardhan hugs Rishita And asks Are you fine. Everyone Sees the Child. Kamini taunts Suman. Janardhan says you didn’t tell us. Suman looks at Dev. Kamini says Rishita put a child in this house and filled happiness, you all are crying for someone else’s child instead of celebrating happiness, I said something wrong, tell me.

Kalyani says Rishita should not do any work, I will get water for Rishita. Raavi says I will get it. Gautam, Dhara and Shiva come and greet. Kamini asks are we to meet our grandson, we have right. Dhara says sure. Kamini Gifts the Child with a Golden Chain. Kalyani says the child is just like Rishita. Suman asks where is Dadi’s gift. Suman thinks I didn’t give anything to Chutka. Dev Says I Hate This Pretence, Love Is Made By Respect And Affeness, Not This Pretence, Take Back Your Gifts. Rishita says these gifts won’t go anywhere, Why are you showing ego, they have right to have child, everyone is grieving here, atleast let my family love the child, atleast there is someone who made me exceptional. Kamini Says Its Fine, We Got Habitual To Dev’s Annoyance, You Don’t Spoil Your Mood, Tell Me The Baby’s Name. Rishita Says We Are Calling Her Chutki As Of Now. Everyone loves a baby. Janardhan says Dev is not happy. He asks the developer to distribute money to the poor who would visit his shop. He asks if Naamkaran happened. Suman says we have Mahurat, come on time, we will have a disco party for Chutki’s Naamkaran. Rishita smiles. Suman says we will always be grateful to you, you have started a third generation family. Gautam holds Dhara. Suman says I will make a great party and give a gift too. Raavi says I will call designer for Rishita. Dhara gets a call from Shweta’s mom. Shweta’s mom says Sorry To Disturb You, I have your hospital number, Chiku has high fever, what medicine did you give him. Dhara asks how did he get fever, you bring him here, I will see. Shweta’s mom says no thanks, we can handle it. Dhara says take care, I will send you medicine. Gautam asks what happened. Dhara says Chiku has fever, called Shweta’s family. Gautam says you have sent the medicine, don’t worry now.

Kalyani Says So Much Worry For A Stranger’s Baby, I Don’t Think Dhara Is Happy For Your Baby’s Coming, I M Not Provoking You Rishito, I M Saying The Truth. Rishita asks her to stop it. She is sad.

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Shweta’s mom brings Chika home. Suman stops Dhara. Dev asks Shweta’s mom to take Chika away. Rishita says this day should be my child’s only. He declares that Naamkaran will not happen.


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