Pandya Store 20th August 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Pandya Store
Pandya Store

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Gautam says you promised me that you will return Chika to his mom. Dhara is crying. He says he was not ours, how can I take him away from you. Adhe Adhure Khwab Yes…He is playing… Suman is crying. Gautam takes Chika from Dhara and gives him to Shweta’s mom. Dhara is crying. Shweta And Her Parents Take Chiku. Chiku is crying. Dhara is running. Suman stops her. Dhara is still running low. Dev and Gautam stop her.

Krish Is On The Way. He gets hit by a car. He falls down. Janardhan gets down from the car and shouts You are blind. She sees Krish and smiles. Janardhan and Krish argue. Krish picks up the fallen toys. Kamini sees a picture on Krish’s phone. She thinks whose child does Rishita have in her hand. Krish takes his phone. Kamini secretly enters the Pandya House and overhears the family. Suman says Chiku will stay happy with his mom, you will be happy. Raavi says yes. Dhara hugs Suman. Dev says don’t be sad, Chiku left, you will raise your daughter. Suman Nods And Smiles.

Dev gives his daughter to Dhara and consoles her. He says never think you are childless, this child is yours too. Dhara hugs the baby. Rishita looks on. Suman observes her reaction. Rishita says the child would be hungry, I will feed her, I will give her. She takes her child from Dhara and goes away. Kamini Looks shocked. Dhara is crying. Suman says we have to accept the truth, it is better to accept it early. Dhara says I know I don’t have a child in my destiny. Kamini thinks that Rishita has a child so Krish was taking toys, they didn’t even tell us and they are taking some other child too. Dhara says I will always explain myself. She runs to her room and cries. Gautam follows her. Fireplace leaves.

Dev comes to Rishita and asks what was that. He asks why did you put me in such a situation. She asks I can’t do this to make Dhara feel better, she has no right to her. She says Yes but like Badimaa, I M The Baby’s Mum. He says I know, don’t forget Dhara is his Badimaa, she is my mom. Rishita says she raised you, I have right to raise my child, I m scared seeing her obsession with two babies, Shweta took her child, when Dhara joins our baby then where will I go. He’s leaving.

Shweta’s mom tries to comfort Chika and feed him. She cries a lot. Shweta says she won’t shut up, I can’t handle the child, so I left him with Dhara. Dhara sees Chiku’s toys and hugs them. She is crying. Gautam looks on. Suman Calls With Pandit. Dev is coming. He says that Chutki’s Naamkaran Mahurat is On Janmashtami Day, Don’t You Like It. Dev says I don’t like my situation. He says I will teach you everything and make you and Rishity an expert in child care, what is the problem. Lying In Her Lap. Shweta tries to pacify the child.

Shweta’s mom says maybe Chiku has fever. They worry. Dhara asks if we video call Shweta sometime and talk to Chiku. Gautam says I don’t have their number, it would be better if you forget it. He asks how can you forget him, I brought him up, how can I forget him, make me talk to him on video call once. She cries and hugs him. Dev says I consider Dhara as a mom, I love Rishita a lot, I am happy to become a father, I am sad to see Dhara without a child. Dhara is crying.

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Suman says Dhara is heartbroken as she lost Chika, she is with Raavi. Rishita’s family comes. Kamini argues with Suman.


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