Pandya Store 1st April 2023 Written Update: Dev, Rishita faces Suman’s wrath


The episode starts with Gautam calling Dev and getting upset. Then she picks up a bottle of alcohol and remembers the promise she made to Dhara. Dhara is shocked to see Gautam with a bottle of alcohol, so she calls Suman and taunts Gautam, then accuses him of breaking his promise. Gautam says if Dhara can give his organ to his family, then why can’t he stop drinking and then punctures the bottle of alcohol. Suman and Dhara are emotional. Suman advice never contains alcohol.

Gautam decides to go to Ahmedabad to bring Dev, Rishita and the kids and then decides to leave. Dhara hugs Gautam. Suman scolds them for their behavior. Dhara expresses her happiness. Gautam decides to leave just then Chiku and Mithu enter the house and hug Suman. Dhara and Gautam are emotional. Suman expresses his happiness to meet the children and also asks them to never leave the house. Dev, Rishita comes with Chutki and Shesh. Dhara, Suman and Gautam become emotional. Chutki goes to Dhara and asks her to take her to Shweta’s mom as she misses her the most. Everyone is sad and not talking. Dev hugs Dhara and cries heavily.

Gautam shouts at Dev to return to Ahmedabad with what he has left here. Dev says his God is here and then regrets his actions. Suman also asks him to leave the house. Rishita apologizes to Suman but she refuses to forgive them. Dev promises to never leave the house. Rishita hugs Dhara and apologizes to her. Dhara asks them to stop crying and then says that their return brings so much happiness that they have to throw a party. After Dhara and Chutki’s rehearsal, Rishita says that they will have a party. The children are excited. Suman taunts Dev and Rishit for coming back as Dhara gives Dhara a kidney. Dhara asks to leave it. Suman complains that parents have to forgive their children every time they make a mistake. Rishita asks Suman to punish her. Suman agrees but Gautam asks for Suman’s forgiveness. Dec hugs Gautam and cries heavily, expressing his regret for leaving him when Gautam needs him the most. Gautam calms him down and also forgives him, but warns him never to do it again. Dev promises the same.

Dhara and Rishita decide to go to the hospital to do a test for Dhara and Chutki. Dev says he will arrange money for operation. Prerna is happy to see Dev, Rishita and the kids returning home. Dhara assigns her the task of arranging a party. Prerna agrees but worries about where Krish went. Dhara asks her to look stressed. Prerna assures her that everything is fine. Dhara, Rishita and Chutki go to the hospital. Gautam decides to arrange money for Chutki’s surgery, but Dev refuses to accept his help, so Gautam slaps him and says that Chutki is also his daughter, also about savings in a joint account. At the hospital, Rishita apologizes to Dhara for her behavior, who also calls her God. Dhara hugs her.

Chutki cries and wants to meet Shweta. Rishita gets upset. Shweta decides to escape from jail thinking that she has failed to manipulate Krish and also cannot trust Shivanga blindly. Dhara advises Rishita to talk to Chutki and make her understand with love. Rishita agrees. Meanwhile, at Pandya’s house, Prerna and the kids start preparing for the party. Here Rishita tells Chutka that she is her real mother. Dhara is her aunt. Shweta is a horrible person who kidnaps children and now she is in jail and she will never come out. Chutki is crying. The nurse asks both Dhara and Chutki to go and do the tests with them. Dhara obliges. The hospital staff take both Dhara and Chutki inside. Worried that Chutki is refusing to accept the truth, Rishita prays to God to fix everything and also prays that there will be no complications in this transplant process.

Introduction: Gautam questions Dhara that he took the money without his knowledge. Dhara says she gave Shivanga and he is not a good person as she thinks. Shivang shows a paper stating that he has shares in Pandya Nivas, so he asks Dhar to give him two, three lakhs, then he won’t ask for his share. Dhara looks shocked.


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