Pandya Store 12th October 2022 Written Episode Written Update


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Dev says you will not go anywhere. Rishita shouts at him. She says everyone here trusts Shweta more than me, ok keep her at home, I will go. Suman says I trust you both and Sir, I will take my bag and end the matter. She asks Shweta to give the bag. Jankana says Yes, keep your bag aside and focus on Sangeet. Rishita says No, I was foolish to think you will believe me, you always made me feel like an outsider. Dhara thinks of plan B. Dhara says Shweto, leave it, give the bag to Rishita, if she is steadfast, let her check, she is like your sister, her doubts will be cleared. Shweta says its not about doubt but about my self respect, I will not give. Shiva says self respect doesn’t matter in family matters, show the bag and end the matter. Dev asks Shweta to understand, Rishita will leave the house, please open the bag and show her, end the matter. Gautam says Give me the bag, I will burn it. Rishita says No, I have to see what is in this bag, I will see who stops me. Krish thinks he will do something. Krish stops Rishita. She says Shweta won’t open the bag as she said she didn’t take jewellery, then she didn’t take it. Suman says Wow Krishi, you have overtaken them, you have become wife’s puppet before marriage. Rishita asks Dev to learn something from Krish, Krish trusts Shweta before marriage. She says Dev doesn’t trust me as I became his daughter’s mother. Raavi says Leave the bag, forget it. Rishita says I will open the bag, I will see who stops me. She grabs the bag. Shweta and Rishita fight over the bag. Everyone is worried.

The bag opens and things fall out. Everyone is shocked to see…. Some cold drink bottles. Deven Drinks And Says I Didn’t See So Dramatic Family, its Shweta’s Mistake. Everyone looks at Shweta. Rishita asks how did the bottles get here, they should be fake jewellery. Suman asks Shweta about the cold drink bottles. Shweta says I thought we will have it on the way, I forgot to give it. Rishita tells a lie. Shweta says Yes I am lying. Rishita says Tell me about fake jewellery. Shweta says No, I didn’t do anything, I kept cold drinks. Rishita says don’t say, she is a liar. Deven says Shweta is showing her acting talent, I am also very talented. Laughs.

Shweta Says Sorry, I didn’t Know There will be a Big Drama Our Small Mistake. Rishita says she is lying. She asks Dhara to tell them that Shweta is lying. Dhara says I explained you not to do this, you didn’t listen to me. Rishita says you said you trust me, I hate you. Suman says Say Sorry And End The Matter, Everyone is watching. Shweta says No its fine she is like my sister. Hari says Shweta has become sensible. Jankana says she is cunning. Dhara says you trust me right, apologize to Shweta and end the matter. She Winks To Rishita And Hugs Her. He says you failed plan A, apologize for plan B, we will get time for evidence. Rishita says Just For Krish’s Sake, I Will Apologize To Shweta. Rishita Apologises To Shweta For Blaming Her. Shweta says its fine, you have to get Baraat. Rishita says Yes who can stop Baraat. Dev says Thank God this matter has been resolved, play music. Suman says no, whoever was on Rishit’s side will keep Maun Vrath, Dev, Shiva, Dhara… And Rishit, don’t talk till the marriage is over, thanks, Tata Good Bye. Dhara asks how we will work. Suman says you can work even with a mute, Rishita just threatened if anyone doesn’t listen to me then I will leave the house. Shweta thinks Wow, Suman has muted them, there will be no drama in the marriage. Raavi thinks I don’t understand anything unless Dhara says. Jankana asks if you are really going to leave the house. Suman says we will see, we have love between us, we are united, we listen to each other, happy or crying. Dhara Signs OK. Krish apologizes to Shweta. Shweta says Stop calling me honey, I don’t like it. He says sorry, I won’t say.

Gautam asks how we will keep the marriage, Dev and Shiva stay silent but Dhara and Rishita will have to talk. Suman says Maun Vrath starts now. Gautam says there is no peace. Shiva signs them. Krish says I don’t understand, he said annulment of marriage. Gautam says no, we won’t tell anyone about our marriage, we will tell our wives, if everything is fine in Krish’s marriage, we have clothes, we will get ready. Krish laughs. Gautam says we will wear Sherwani if ​​our marriages are also confirmed, it is costly. Rishita gets angry and hits her on the head. Dhara hugs and comforts her. They sign each other. Suman looks and says no problem now. Shweta comes to her room. He sees Deven. She smiles and says thanks, you saved me today, you couldn’t change your jewelry, go and sink in the pool. Deven gets an idea and says you gave me a good idea, you keep Garba near the pool, no one will know, the jewels will change in the pool, how did you like my plan. Dhara and Rishita Write down some ideas.

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Raavi says Shweta made fake jewellery. Dhara says I will not let Krish’s life be ruined, I will stop the marriage. Shweta laughs and says you have no proof, I will become Mrs. Pandya.


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