You can’t expect the world from the $ 39 earbuds. After reviewing a series of expensive products, I spent the last few days trying out the new OnePlus Nord Buds. There is something wrong with the name; The “Nord Buds” sounds like a prop to be used in the Mork & Mindy circa 1979.

But it goes hand in hand with the budgeting of the OnePlus phone system, which proved to be impressive, so it makes sense for the company to expand the brand for earbud budgets. However, the characteristics and function of these inexpensive buds are more important than what they are called.

The wireless earbud budget section is full of options from Skullcandy, JBL, Anker Soundcore, JLab, and a host of other products you will find on Amazon. Most adhere to the basics and aim to deliver a decent balance, adequate battery life, and alive, a heavy bass profile that can slightly shut down their basic sound quality compromises. With Nord Buds, OnePlus has explored almost all of these foundations.


OnePlus Nord Buds Review

They are comfortable to wear, can last up to seven hours on a single charge, and their 12.4-millimeter drivers enlarge the bass and treble enough to make Nord Buds fully enjoy unimportant listening. They are also rated with IP55 dust and water resistance, which lasts longer than that which will give you Sony $ 200 earbuds. OnePlus definitely picks up points there.

Like other companies, OnePlus has reserved only a few software features for the owners of its smartphones – but they are too small for a good system. OnePlus phones can use low-speed playback mode and can adjust earbud settings, customize controls, and make EQ changes with the built-in Bluetooth menu. If you have an Android phone from a different brand, you can install the HeyMelody app to access similar functions; you only lose the low-latency strategy in that situation.

There is even the HeyMelody iPhone app, which is commendable when companies like Google and Samsung have abandoned iOS software support with their earbuds. melody for iPhone has not been updated to support Nord Buds at the time of this review, but that should change soon.

The stems are shaped like popsicle sticks, enough to make them feel inferior to the AirPod clones of the previous OnePlus earbuds. You get the status quo trio of silicone tip sizes in the box, and the big pair has managed to keep you firmly in my ears with a nice logo and decent sound separation. The latter is an important factor, as Nord Buds does not include active sound cancellation, so a strong shutdown is essential to reduce external noise. A comfort is a place where I have no complaints; Nord Buds did not hurt or irritate me after a few days of using them for a long time at the coffee shop and office.

OnePlus Nord Buds Sound

These earbuds have a large forward sound that also emphasizes moving waves. The height is slightly higher than I would like and it can appear sharp in a weird song here and there. That’s something you can drive with EQ fixes on Android, and you’ll probably want to show off mids while doing so. Nord Buds is not shy about the EQ curve of a smiling face, but they still do it for fun listening.

You may be under the impression that the $ 39 earbuds may sound vague or obscure, but Nord Buds can deliver too much of this. They don’t have the reliability, presence, and detailed sound stage of the earbud in the paid brackets, but if you can tell me I’ll have this for a few weeks, I won’t be upset about it. That’s a good place to have 39 earbuds.

The No-frills, matte charging case of Nord Buds prevents any loosening; its pill-shaped lid has a firm grip and does not move annoyingly. But the case is on the long side. No matter which way you slide it in the pocket, there will be a lump. I hope OnePlus can shave a few millimeters in the future. Magnets do a good job of holding the earbuds in place, though you can move them with some force.

The case is charged via USB-C, and it is not surprising at all considering the asking price of $ 39, no wireless charging is provided. But, on the other hand, it charges faster. OnePlus says you can get five hours of play after just 10 minutes of charging time.

OnePlus says Nord Buds can play up to seven hours, and my time with them so far has given me no reason to doubt that comparison. The case will get you another 30 hours of a full hearing.

There should be a consistent drop elsewhere on the $ 39 earbuds, right? Yes, there is, and with Nord Buds, that weakness of microphone performance. You will not want to use these voice calls or Zoom sessions. They have no skills in this job, people report that my voice sounded awkward and it is difficult to get it out of the checkpoints when I am with the middle background noise. It is also disappointing that while Nord Buds is supporting the fast-paced OnePlus couple, they are not taking advantage of Google’s Fast Pair to quickly set up with many other Android phones.


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