Next Level Chef Season 2 Episode 8 Recap, Review, and More

NEXT LEVEL CHEF: Contestants in the season premiere episode of NEXT LEVEL CHEF airing Sunday, Feb.12 immediately after SUPER BOWL LVII on FOX. ©2023 FOX Media LLC. CR: FOX.

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Next level chef

Next Level Chef is a cooking competition series that debuted on Fox on January 2, 2022, with Gordon Ramsay serving as host and mentor, along with Nyesha Arrington and Richard Blais. The show’s popularity prompted its renewal for a second season in March 2022, which premiered as the opener following Super Bowl LVII in February 2023.

In the cooking competition, the chefs take part in various challenges, are grouped into three teams, and are mentored and judged by Ramsay, Arrington and Blaise. For each challenge, chefs cook in one of three vertically stacked kitchens. The top level offers a wide range of modern equipment, the middle level is a standard commercial kitchen and the lower level has a limited selection of lower end appliances.

New Level Chef Episode 2 Episode 8 Recap

During the cook-off, Preston prevailed over Matt Groark, resulting in the elimination of the social media chef from Erial, New Jersey. Additionally, Preston’s triumph earned Team Ramsay the central kitchen for the upcoming challenge, while Team Blais was relegated back to the basement. The contestants encountered a challenge that raised the competition to a new level. The chefs were surprised by the complexity of preparing a fish dish of the next level. Omi’s triumphant trio of halibut, deemed “delicious” by the judges, secured Team Arrington safety and top cuisine for the week’s challenge.

Next Level Chef Episode 2 Review

In the latest episode of “Next Level Chef”, the rules were completely changed, the teams were disbanded and each contestant now competes individually. Contestants will be tasked with grabbing a box with a country’s flag on it without knowing what is inside. They must then prepare a typical dish of the country, which will be revealed only after the competition begins. Finally, one chef will be eliminated in the episode of “Going Global” airing Thursday, March 30 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on Fox. Follow our live blog below for a full recap. Guided by the expertise of acclaimed chefs Nyesha Arrington and Richard Blaise, along with Gordon Ramsay, the mentors scoured the country for the best home cooks and leave no stone unturned in their pursuit of culinary excellence.

Next Level Chef Episode 2 Episode 8 Explained

In this week’s challenge, the contestants were tasked with creating a fish dish to the next level, which proved to be a real challenge for the chefs. Omi’s trio of halibut was judged the best by the judges, securing Team Arrington safety and top spot in the kitchen. In the cooking competition, Preston prevailed over Matt Groark, resulting in the 44-year-old social media chef from Erial, New Jersey being sent home. Additionally, Preston secured the middle kitchen for Team Ramsay in the next challenge, while Team Blais was relegated to the basement. At the studio, Gordon informs the contestants that the team competition is over and the top 11 will now compete as individuals to become the next level chef. However, Tucker and Nuri’s immunity badges have expired, leaving them vulnerable in the competition.

During the challenge, the mid-level chefs selected Spain (Tineke), Lebanon (Mehreen), Jamaica (Pilar), India (Omi), Italy (Tucker), and Thailand (Nuri) as their assigned countries. Meanwhile, the chefs in the lower kitchen competed in Canada (Michelle), Greece (Chris), Sweden (Vinny), Austria (Shay) and Morocco (Preston). Nyesha can tell the difference between a professional chef and a home cook based on how the contestants organize their space. However, it is professional chef Nuri who makes a big mistake when he accidentally elbows the pan and spills its contents onto the floor.

After tasting the dishes, the judges weigh in and rate which chefs had the best and worst meals of the week. They especially appreciate the creations of Omi, Tucker and Michelle. However, Pilar, Nuri, Preston and Vinny seem to be in danger of being eliminated. Nyesha Arrington and Richard Blais taste each dish to eliminate them and provide feedback. They find Pilar’s dish “beautifully modern” and praise the control of the sauce. However, Nyesha comments that Preston’s duck is drowning in sauce and that it is too sweet. In the end, both judges chose Preston’s bowl for elimination. As a result, the 19-year-old professional chef from Dallas is sent home in 11th place. The episode ends here.

What happened on Next Level Chef Season 2 Episode 8?

On the latest episode of the culinary reality competition show “Next Level Chef,” Preston defeated Matt Groark in the paddock, leading to the social media chef’s elimination from the show. As a result of his victory, Preston’s team, Team Ramsay, secured the middle kitchen for the next challenge, while Team Blais was demoted back to the basement. The task faced by the contestants was particularly challenging as they were tasked with preparing a next-level fish dish, which turned out to be quite difficult. Omi’s impressive trio of halibut won over the judges and secured Team Arrington safety and top cuisine for the week’s challenge.


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