Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 4th November 2022 Written Update: Amba is determined


The episode starts with Hariprasad
Are you asking Vidhi about the package? Vidhi assures him that it is not her dress. He knows nothing about this package. Bimla adds that she doubts that she did this to her. Who uploads her poster everywhere. Doesn’t she know why he hates her so much? Will inform Deva about it.

Hariprasad asks her to stop taking his name in everything. Bimla adds that he is her boss. Hariprasad says he is her father. He cares for her more than anyone else. Everything happens only because of him. He pounces on her and leaves. Meanwhile, Abhimanyu makes fun of the golden cooking. He praised Vidhi’s idea of ​​cooking with Sathyavathi. Dev also appreciated her idea. Sathyavathi shares with him that never has Dev relaxed like this. He is usually busy with phone calls and meetings.

Dev gives all the credit to Abhimanyu. He adds that the team members liked him very much. Furthermore, it is his responsibility to take over the company. Abhimanyu tells him that he just joined his office. Only Dev is able to take over this business, not him. Priya didn’t like it. Dev asks them to talk to Chithra. Chithra assures Priya that she will reach home in few minutes.

Later, Vidhi wonders why Amba is treating her like this? She had already turned her picture into a poster and sent this package to destroy her family’s peace. He destroys his parents’ happiness. Meanwhile, Priya asks Chithra to talk to Amba about her relationship with Dev. He nods with her. Amba asks her what is happening here? Chithra asked her to say if she knows Dev already? Amba assured her that he would answer her questions. He suggests her to ask her brother Abhimanyu something.

Kallu shares with Hariprasad that registering a complaint at the police station is a waste of time. If they catch the culprit, what will they say to the police? Vidhi offers modeling. If they like it, just sign up or ignore it. Hariprasad asks him what else he is doing in it? He is unable to accept all this. Bimla gives food to Vidhi. He asks her if papa is eating or not? Vidhi assures her that he doesn’t know anything about this package. Bimla says dad and mom knew about it. But from his position he doesn’t think about it. She noticed her earring and asked her about it?

Vidhi shares with her that Arjun gifted it to her in his first salary. Bimla adds that she should not have accepted it or worn it. Lucky for her that her father didn’t notice. Vidhi removes him and asks Bimla to keep him safe. She adds that something else happened at the office, but she didn’t tell them because dad wasn’t in a good mood. Kallu shares with Hariprasad that Vidhi is facing many problems outside. There is nothing before it. They send our daughters to work. They can support them in such situations. Amba shares her story with Chithra

Later, Hariprasad checks the scholarship form. Vidhi tells him that Dev gave this scholarship for her MBA. He wants to continue his studies and doesn’t want to think about marriage for 2 years. He swears to them that he won’t study further if he doesn’t like it. He is capable of tearing up a scholarship. Later, Amba shares her love for Dev with Chitra. She expresses her wish to marry Dev. Hearing this, Chithra feels cloud nine.

Amba asks her, will she talk to Abhimanyu about this? Amba adds that she got a chance to fix her brother’s life. Chithra assures Amba to discuss it with the family members. Meanwhile, Abhimanyu cooks Chitra’s favorite dish. Sathyavathi complains to Priya that she is taking responsibility of the house. But he doesn’t handle it well. She demands that her daughter be taught the same. Chithra asks Dev for something else to gift her. Abhimanyu asks Dev to marry Amba.

End of episode

Introduction: Vidhi asks Amba why she stoops so low to hurt others. Will she explain to Amba that she doesn’t know if she will get Dev in her life or not? But she was aware that Dev would not accept such a low mentality in his life. She will complain that she did anything for her happiness


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