Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 3rd November 2022 Written Update: Vidhi receives the best Present


The episode starts with Arjun telling Dev that he wants to gift something to Vidhi for his first salary. Will she ask him to choose which one goes with Vidhi’s earrings or bracelet? Dev shares with him that he was surprised to see the children of this generation. They are much faster than everything. In his generation, they hesitated to approach girls. Arjun asks him to choose a gem that suits her more. Dev shares with him that there is no need. Vidhi prefers street food to a five-star hotel. Arjun adds that he wants to give her something.

Dev adds that he never judges anything by the value of money. He praises Vidhi’s character in front of him. Dev suggests him to gift her with his whole heart. He appreciates Dev for being an expert in counseling. He chose Earrings for her. Dev asks Arjun, is he not feeling nervous? How excited is he to gift it to Vidhi? Arjun tells him that he doesn’t want to wait. He tells him that if Virat Kohli is out for 0 runs, it doesn’t mean he will stop batting. When he first met Vidhi, he hugged her. But she pushed him away and pounced on him. But now they are best friends. Time changes everything.

Arjun gives the earrings to Vidhi and tells her that he doesn’t want to ask the reason or the value? She is like a teacher to him. And so he wanted to give her something. Vidhi accepts his gift. He asks her to carry it for him. Arjun praises her. Honey, Ananya is staring at them jealously. Dev also stares at them from a distance. Arjun asks her to pose and take a selfie. She denied it. He asks her to pose for one photo.

Dev calls her to disturb them. He demands that she eat lunch and attend a meeting with him. Later, Amba demands that the delivery man deliver the parcel on time. Meanwhile, Abhimanyu starts a cooking challenge. They ask Dev to open his bowl. Golden asks him Did he really cook it? He nods at her. Abhimanyu asks Vidhi to taste it. She praises his food. Golden taste and she says it is so spicy that her taste buds are dead for this food. Abhimanyu gives his dish full marks.

Vidhi shows them her happiness by cooking. She wrote a name on it. Rishab asks her what is it? Vidhi shares with them that she doesn’t want to mix it up. Messages will be exchanged. Kanika explains to her that cooking happiness should be random. She asks Ananya to stir it. Vidhi is afraid that Dev will pick up someone else’s message. He still notices it. Dev has her fortune by cooking as she expected. Everyone will read their message and be happy. Arjun gets a message to control the hearts of 100 people. He says he only wants to rule one person’s heart.

Dev gets a message to listen to his heart. He excuses them from attending the meeting. Vidhi asks him if he listens to his heart. He asks her to come to his cabin. He gives her an MBA scholarship. She claims he promised her a scholarship from his company. Vidhi excitedly hugs him and thanks him. She apologized to him. Dev tells her that he wanted to thank her for doing so much for his company. He wanted to give something that would always stay with her. Education will be with her for life. Vidhi assures Dev that she will not disappoint him.

Dev adds that he will try to listen to his heart. Today he got a chance to thank her for her help. He tried to express his feelings but hesitated. Vidhi thinks she is not listening to her heart at all. Dev smiles hearing this. Later, Hariprasad received the package. He thinks it is Vidhi’s package. Bimla tells him that it came in his name. Amba asked Vidhi to follow her modeling dream. He is shocked to see a crop top.

End of episode

Precap; Abhimanyu shares with Dev that Chithra wanted to see her brother lead a happy life. He suggests Dev to marry Amba. Later, Vidhi tells Bimla what happened in the office.


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