Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 31st March 2023 Written Update: Hariprasad’s shocking revelation


The episode starts with Divya telling Yamini that she needs her father. He will get the DNA report as soon as possible. Yamini collapses on the floor after hearing this. Meanwhile, Dev tells Milapini’s Devi that one door will definitely open for us when all doors are closed. Nobody believed him. He tells her that she has no chance to prove herself. He doesn’t remember what actually happened those two days. She was the one who fixed this alliance. He is aware that he has not made such mistakes in his life. She prays that she will help him prove his innocence. He wants to prove that he is not guilty in front of Vidhi. He is ready to accept any outcome. Hariprasad asks Vidhi what happened to her? She tells him not to open the door or window until Dev leaves.

Dev calls Divya. She informs him that he remembered his mother after many years. Because of him, Yamini was admitted to the city hospital. She won’t leave him if something happens to her. Dev tells Vidhi that he wants to talk to her. Hariprasad asks him not to disturb her. Dev tells him that Yamini has been admitted to the city hospital. Let’s meet her at the hospital. He talks to her in front of Vidhi. They will understand what is going on in their life. Vidhi agrees to go with him. Later, Dev and Vidhi meet Yamini at the hospital.

She chokes when she sees Dev. The doctor asks them to go outside. Hariprasad asks Satyavati to meet him and discuss Vidhi. She assures him that she will meet him. Yogesh visits Amba. He helps her. Amba tells him that she can’t wait for the DNA test to be positive. She asks him to prepare duplicate DNA results. The results should be positive. He asks him to give the money to anyone, but the results will be the same. She doesn’t care how much she spends on it. She asks him to destroy the original message. He can’t ruin his plan. Raichand’s may suffer. He’s not going to take any chances on this one. Will she ask Yogesh to do what she said?

Dev tells Divya that he wants to meet Yamini when he regains consciousness. Divya tells him that he should not bother her. The problem is between him and her. The truth will come out when the DNA result comes out. If he was worried about his wife Vidhi. She feels sorry for her, but maybe she’ll come to terms with the reality that he lied to her. Dev asks Divya when the DNA test will arrive? She tells him that she has waited so many years for this moment. She asks him to wait.

Later, Raichand meets at Sharma’s house. Hariprasad asks them to take back the gift they gave them. Satyavati asks Hariprasad what is going on here? Hariprasad tells him that the truth has come out. They don’t want to continue this relationship. We will end this relationship here. He didn’t see his daughter struggling there. It is the best decision for both families. Dhamayanthi and Priya are enjoying the news. Dev asks Hariprasad how he could take this decision without talking to Yamini. If he says the same as Divya said then he will accept this decision. Until the DNA news came out. He asks Hariprasad to wait until he gets the DNA results.

Hariprasad pounces on them. Satyavati asks him how he could forget what he did for them. However, the truth did not come out. Dev is incapable of betraying or breaking anyone’s heart. How could he break their relationship after hearing someone’s words? Dev tries to convince Vidhi. Vidhi tells him that he is a smart person. How could he forget what happened in those days? What would his decision be if she were in his place? She asks him to understand the situation. Yamini comes there. He tells them that he will reveal the truth. Bimla tells Yamini that she broke their family.

End of episode

Precap; Bimla asks Yamini to swear on her daughter. Yamini will swear on her daughter to tell the truth. He will tell them what happened that day.


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