Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 24th March 2023 Written Update: Satyavati feels guilty


The episode starts with Vidhi reminiscing about her past. He thinks he is fighting for his love with Amba. She tried hard to marry Dev. She went against her parents to marry him. But everything was destroyed within minutes. Meanwhile, Simi searches for Vidhi. Satyavati asks Dev if he found any information about Vidhim? She didn’t come home from college. Dev tells her that Bimla said that Vidhi’s slippers and bag are at home but Vidhi is not there. They are looking for her. Dev assures her that he will find her as soon as possible. Dhamayanthi asks Satyavati. Miss? Priya asks her what is this new drama? Dhamayanthi tells her that she is looking for attention from everyone. Meanwhile, Hariprasad informs Bimla that the neighbor saw Vidhi coming out of the house. Bimla says she did a mistake. Dev comes there and asks her what mistake? Bimla says Vidhi was sitting in front of Milapini Devi temple. She thought Vidhi was happy. So she asked Simi not to disturb her. Vidhi seemed to be troubled by something, but she did not stay with her during the difficult times. Dev tells her that he will find her as soon as possible. She consoles Biml and leaves.

Abhimanyu is talking to the inspector on the phone. She asks him to find Vidhi as soon as possible. She left her phone at home. Yogesh asks him what happened? Abhimanyu tells him that he is not able to check this file now. She tells him no problems. Abhimanyu tells him that Vidhi is missing. Meanwhile, Vidhi recalls Divya’s birthday and Amba’s warning. It is broken. Dev checks the CCTV footage of Raichand’s house. He is surprised to see Vidhi visiting the house but leaves after 15 minutes. Priya asks them to check if they are holding something in their hand? If he has something in his hand, is it easy to guess where he is going? They zoomed in on the CCTV footage and found nothing in her hand. Vijay Babu visits Hariprasad’s house. He notices that Bimla and Hariprasad are worried about Vidhi.
She shares with him that Vidhi is missing. He pretends that he likes to worry about Vidhi.

Dev doubts why Vidhi is leaving the house? Priya says she even left the house barefoot. Satyavati says she broke her dreams. That’s why she left the house. She asked her to finish her MBA. She might be disappointed by her words. Priya uses this situation to favor her. Priya says Vidhi was angry with her. That’s why she left the house. Meanwhile, Yogesh calls Amba and informs her that Vidhi is missing. Chithra asks her what happened? Amba asks her to pack her things and go to Raichand’s house. Vidhi is missing. They need her support. She had to comfort them. Chithra nodded at her. Meanwhile, Vijay Babu asks his friends to find Vidhi as soon as possible. He assures Hariprasad to find her. Hariprasad thanks him. Later, Satyavati prays to the god to help them find Vidhi back. He shares his grief with his brother-in-law. Dev notices a blood stain in his room. She fears for Vidhi’s safety. Meanwhile, Vidhi is walking on the road with bleeding feet. She reminisces about her time with Dev. He ends up in an orphanage. How could he hide such a big truth from her, she thought? He comes to reality when he hears horns. Dev also reaches there but they don’t notice each other.

End of episode

Precap; Amba tells Vidhi that she is like Chithra to her. He asks Vidhi what happened to her? Just then Priya calls her.


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