Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 23rd March 2023 Written Update: Vidhi faces a tough situation


The episode starts with Vidhi sitting in front of the Milapini Devi temple. Hariprasad and Simi arrive there. Bimla stops Simi from disturbing her. He tells her that Vidhi is so happy today. That’s why he talks to God. Later, Abhimanyu tells Dev that he will not interrupt his business anymore. He asks Dev to take care of the business. Dev says she will not stop interfering in his life. Because he is his younger brother. He has the right to correct his mistakes. He won’t take his words to heart. Yogesh comes there and pretends that he came at the wrong time. Dev asks them to continue and apologizes. Meanwhile, Vidhi remembers Divya and Amba’s words and rushes out of the house.

Bimla notices Vidhi’s phone ringing. Simi asks her to attend. It could be an important call. Bimla attends the phone call. Dev is on standby. Bimla tells him that she came straight home from college. He prays in the temple. Vidhi reaches into her room and takes the diary in her hand. He thinks there is truth in this diary. This diary will decide her relationship with him. Vidhi remembers what Dev told her on Holi. She assures him that she trusts him and there is no need to read the diary. He says to god that he trusts Dev a lot. Whatever he wrote in the journal shouldn’t break her trust in Dev. She asks God to make her bad and Dev is right. What he faces is a nightmare. Her conscience comes there and provokes her against Dev. She came to read this diary. He is holding the diary in his hand, so why is he hesitating to read it? Later, Bimla and Hariprasad search for Vidhi. He is not in the house.

Yamini and Divya come there. Bimla tells her that Dev’s name is Vidhi but she is not there. Yamini tells her that she has to board in few hours. He takes Divya with him. Vidhi’s conscience asks Vidhi not to trust Dev and read this diary. He gave her this journal. Maybe she will read it to find the truth about what he wrote in this diary. He advises her to read the diary. Dev calls Bimla again and she informs him that Vidhi is not there. He assures her that he will talk to her later. Vidhi starts reading Dev’s diary. He finds out that Yamini was Dev’s classmate. His close friend. She behaved strangely and possessively towards him. He wishes to confront her. He doesn’t know what happened in those two days. He is shocked when he learns the truth. He remembers Dev’s confession. She broke down after learning the truth. Vidhi is unable to control her tears and remembers Divya’s confession. Vidhi’s conscience provokes her against Dev. He broke her trust. She went against her parents to marry him. But he hid the truth from her. She shouldn’t trust anyone blindly. Vidhi says Dev will not betray her. Meanwhile, Dev misses Vidhi a lot and thinks why she is not talking to him. Bimla informs Dev that she was here few minutes back but she is not there. Her purse and slippers are there. He is worried about Vidhi. Dev tells her that he will reach there in few minutes.


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