Na Umra Ki Seema 6th April 2023 Written Update: Yogesh frames Divya as the culprit in front of Abhimanyu


In this episode, we see Dev and Vidhi spending quality time together. They resolve their misunderstandings and decide to let go of their problems by writing them on a paper boat and leaving it on the river. Dev surprises Vidhi with a gift, but she disappears for a moment, making him upset. However, she returns with some fruit, and they both enjoy it together.

Meanwhile, Hariprasad tells Bimla that Vijay babu is not a good person and regrets taking money from him. Bimla suggests that they talk to Vidhi about her idea of starting a food package business. Later, Dev and Vidhi have a romantic night, and Dev takes Vidhi to the temple where the priest praises their relationship and compares them to Ram and Seetha.

In another scene, Yogesh doubts Divya’s intentions and accuses her of causing problems in Dev’s life. He turns the tables against her and convinces Abhimanyu to kick her out of the office. Divya prays at the temple with Vidhi and informs Dev that she has evidence against the person who betrayed them, but he cleverly fired her before she could expose him.

Overall, this episode shows the ups and downs of relationships and how people handle them. It also highlights the importance of trust and communication in any relationship.


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