Mrs Undercover Movie Review: A Story of Empowerment and Comedy Gone Awry


Mrs. Undercover is a movie that explores misogyny and the struggle of women in a society that still does not fully support them. The movie follows the story of Durga, played by Radhika Apte, a secret agent tasked with catching a serial killer who goes by the name ‘Common Man’ and has killed 17 independent women who endorse empowerment. The Special Force recruited by the government is panicking because the killer has also killed their secret agents. Now only one is left who has the responsibility to bust the killer.

Script Analysis: The movie’s script, written by Anushree Mehta with Abir Sengupta’s help on additional screenplay and dialogues, aims to challenge the misogyny ingrained in some chauvinists and question the resistance of a section of society against progressing women. However, the movie suffers from an identity crisis, as it tries to blend various genres, including comedy, satire, and thriller. The biggest issue is that the movie forgets to stick to one genre and tries to blend into many. One cannot expect a film with an antagonist as heinous and serious as one killing 17 women in the most brutal manner to submerge into comedy. The opening sequence of Vyas killing a lady in the most brutal manner by crushing her under his car over 9 times, all shown, doesn’t make way for even a hint of comedy. Mitran Da Naa Chalda OTT Release Date and Time Confirmed 2023

Star Performance: Radhika Apte’s portrayal of Durga is organic, and she manages to make her character likable. Sumeet Vyas, on the other hand, is trying too hard to be a villain, and his portrayal of the antagonist lacks authenticity. Rajesh Sharma’s approach to the Special Force chief is comical, making it difficult to take his character and his eco system seriously at all. Romancham Malayalam movie Review on Hotstar

Direction and Music: Anushree Mehta tries to encapsulate a lot in Mrs. Undercover, but the balance goes off entirely. The visuals created by DOP Abhimanyu Sengupta look made up to force a certain emotional response from the viewer. The music is not a strong point and does not have a pivotal part to play in the narrative. The Marvels Trailer: Carol Danvers and Kamala Khan’s Powers Intertwine

Conclusion: Mrs. Undercover, minus the gory aspect, is a fun watch, and Radhika Apte’s performance is commendable. However, the movie’s identity crisis and lack of balance make it an underwhelming experience. The movie could have been more well-edged if it had stuck to a genre and explored the hero’s character more thoroughly. “Obsession” review: Actors in this erotic thriller appear desperate


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