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Mohan Chabhiwala 2023 – In this article we will tell you about the upcoming Ullu Originals Mohan Chabhiwala Part 2. The trailer is now available online. This is a blacksmith who is tricked into continuing an erotic web series. The largest and best-known platform is UllU. This platform has followers. Amazing series have been launched on this platform. This platform released fantasy and entertainment series. This season, the series is making news and people are talking about it. When exactly will this happen? What platform is it? Let’s move on to more information about the news by reading further. Indian web series Mohan Chabhiwala is producing Ulla. Hindi web series release date is 14 March 2023. You can watch it online through Ullu app and official website. In the series, Aritaa Paul plays the main cast.

According to the report, Mohan Chabhiwala is the name of the next installment of the popular thriller-erotic series of this famous platform. The official trailer for the second part, in which the blacksmith becomes a serial blackmailer who tries to torment women in society, was released by the filmmakers. Thriller, this series is serious. Each of the characters is special in the upcoming series. They are ready to amaze everyone with their incredible acting. The next part of the article will bring you more information about the news.


Mohan Chabhiwala 2023

The trailer of the episode shows Mohan learning the addresses of many women through his key making business and then making another copy to enter their homes at any time. On the other hand, as Mohan Chabhiwala’s second trailer reveals, the blacksmith started filming intimate videos of women in their bedrooms when they were unaware of the wrongdoing. In addition, we will provide you with information about the news that will be visible in the following part of the article. Furthermore, he continued his foul play, returning to their homes to find them all alone, and began threatening and blackmailing them in exchange for sexual favors. The trailer also shows how a man decides to control this Chabhiwala once and for all so that he can stop harassing many women. This person made a key to the lady’s house, but he made two keys and kept one to use when she wasn’t there.

Mohan Chabhiwala may not be a household name, but his work has made waves in the Indian film industry. Chabhiwala has worked as a producer on several notable films including ‘Parched’ and ‘Manto’. His production company Chhoti Production Company is known for its focus on content-driven films with a social message. If you want to discover some of Chabhiwal’s work, these films are a great place to start. Leena Yadav’s Parched tells the story of four rural Indian women who break free from tradition and oppression. Directed by Nandita Das, ‘Manto’ is a biographical drama on the famous Pakistani author Saadat Hasan Manto. These films show Chabhiwal’s commitment to telling stories that make an impact and are worth checking out for any Indian film buff.

Mohan Chabhiwala part 2 story web series

He owns the key to all the locked doors that hide sinister secrets. Working as a key creator, Mohan learns some dark secrets about the women he works with. He then gets what he wants in sex by blackmail. Mohan Chabhiwala is an Indian filmmaker known for his socially relevant and thought-provoking films.

His films deal with relevant issues such as poverty, discrimination and corruption. His notable works include “Chasing the Dream”, “The Price of a Dream” and “A Timeless Journey”. Apart from his films, Chabhiwala is also a writer and producer. If you are interested in seeing his movies, they are widely available for streaming on various platforms. Just search for his name and you’re sure to find a movie that appeals to you. Chabhiwala movies are a great choice if you are looking for stories that are both entertaining and educational.

Mohan Chabhiwala Ullu Web Series (2023) Watch Online

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Mohan Chabhiwala Part 2 Web Series Cast

  • Ishika Bose as Ritika
  • Aritaa Paul as Girl 1
  • Ekta More as Kanta
  • Dilip Dubey as Vijay
  • Gaurav Singh as Chabhiwala

He waits for the lady every day as we saw in the trailer. Mohan Chabhiwala visits her house one day and observes her husband opening the door. He explains that he is Mohan Chabhiwala and that his wife has commissioned him to make the key. He then explains the reason for his visit. When her husband asks if the woman gave him the money, she says “yes” and locks the door. Mohan then states that he will not spare him and after feeling insulted, uses abusive language towards him. Mohan entered her residence and started touching her belongings. Keep scrolling to find out more about what’s new.

Since the release of the trailer, it has gone viral on the YouTube channel and as people are eagerly watching the series, they are looking for the release date. Allow us to inform you about the series that will take place on the 14th Walks. Every viewer of this series will be amazed. The trailer suggests that the series will be a commercial success and that audiences will enjoy it. People are now exploring the series platform. Where could they watch the series anytime? Let fans know that they can watch this series on official ULLU platform. If you watch the ULLU series regularly, you already know how to watch it; otherwise you will need to subscribe to the ULLU platform to watch it.

Mohan Chabhiwala is a talented Indian director known for his captivating and thought-provoking films. Among his most popular films are “The Window”, “Dreams of the Last Butterflies” and “The Last Letter”. Each of these films showcases Chabhiwal’s unique style and artistic vision while exploring deep and meaningful themes. If you are a fan of independent films or just looking for something new and exciting to watch, then definitely check out one of Mohan Chabhiwal’s films. You are sure to find a cinematic experience that is both visually stunning and emotionally resonant.

Mohan Chabhiwala part 2 review

Moreover, the trailer is becoming a web sensation and the trailer has received 2.8 thousand likes and 282,638 perspectives. Let us inform you that the trailer was released on March 9, 2023. Let us inform you that the producers have included a caption which reads, “Dabe Paanv Aaega Wo, Chain Phir Churaega Wo, Sambhaal Kar Rakhna Dil Apna, Harr Taale ki chaabi Lekar Aaega Wo.” This line grabs the attention of individuals. The trailer of this series is excellent.

If you have already seen the first part of the series to get an idea of ​​what to expect, this is the second part. As it is known, ULLU platform is famous in India because it keeps the viewers interested and entertained. Fans found it exciting, entertaining and a thriller. We have shared all the news insights we have brought from various sources. If we get any additional information, we will notify you first in the same place. Stay tuned for more updates.


Mohan Chabhiwala is a talented filmmaker with a passion for storytelling. His films often feature compelling characters, nuanced performances and thought-provoking themes. Among his most notable works are “The Last Laugh,” a dark comedy about a failed comedian, and “Broken Dreams,” a drama about a young woman’s struggle to find her place in the world. If you’re interested in exploring Chabhiwal’s work further, you can find his films on popular streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime. Many of his films have also screened at major film festivals around the world, so be sure to check local listings for upcoming screenings in your area. Whether you’re a fan of independent cinema or simply enjoy thought-provoking stories, Mohan Chabhiwal’s films are definitely worth a watch.


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