Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 3rd April 2023 Written Update: Rekha demotivates Gaura


In today’s episode, an old woman blesses Gaur. Gaura goes to get food for her. Som tells Twinkle that he is not happy with Gaura. He regrets not following his heart and Rekha’s wishes. Gaura gives the woman food and a shawl. The woman again blesses Gaur. Som says she can’t lose Twinkle. He hugs her. Rekha is happy and thinks her dream will finally come true. Gaura comes there. He is looking for Soma. He gets the blessings of Gauri mata as his garland. He collides with Twinkle and half of the garland remains with Twinkle.

Gaura spots Soma’s car and wonders where he is. The woman asks Gaura with whom she shared the garland and her suhag. Gaura goes in for another half garland. He sees Twinkle and Som together. Som and Twinkle are holding hands. Gaura is shocked. She is not convinced that Som can cheat on her. She rolls back tears and sees another half-wreath with Som. Som, Twinkle come out of the temple together. Rekha is happy to see them. Twinkle notices the garland in her hand. He gets angry and throws the garland away. Som asks her.

Twinkle says she got Som so she doesn’t want anything else. Gaura comes out of the temple crying. Rekha says she and Som would never want to remember her. He says Gaur’s life is incomplete without Som. Gaura asks her not to say all this. He sees the remaining half garland and picks it up. Gaura is determined to mend her relationship with Som. Rahul goes to buy a bouquet for Twinkle. The shop owner asks him to do something big for Twinkle to impress her. He demands 2000 rupees from Rahul.

Rahul gives him money. Gaura cries seeing Som and Twinkle together. Rekha comes there and asks her not to cry like this as their family has a reputation. Gaura cries and says her marriage is in danger. Som, Twinkle leave on Som’s car. Gaura tries to stop them but fails. At home, he tries to contact Som, but to no avail. She starts crying again. He decides not to be afraid and confronts Soma. He decides to call Som on. Som and Twinkle dance together in the hotel. Twinkle thanks Som.

Som says he planned a surprise for her because she has done so much for him and his mother. Twinkle shows Soma the chain and pendant. She says she managed to gift Rekha. Twinkle says when she went shopping with Rekha, Rekha liked the chain and pendant but she didn’t buy it that time. Then Twinkle decided to gift it to her on her birthday. Som says he adores Twinkle more and more seeing her love and respect for Rekha. Twinkle makes Soma wear a chain and locket. She and Som grow closer. Gaura tries to contact Soma but in vain. The episode ends.

Precap – Gaura tries to confront Soma. Som asks why he should answer her. Gaura says she has rights as his wife. She asks Soma why he married her when he loved someone else.


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