Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 29th March 2023 Written Update: Som meets Twinkle


In today’s episode, Gaura does not touch Rekha’s feet and says that she will fulfill her duties anyway. He informs Rekha that Som is going to make an old age home with Rekha’s name. Rekha is happy when Som takes care of her. Gaura says she cares about her too. Rekha criticizes Gaura for not removing the chokar stone along with the marks which later made Kanchan find out her secret. He informs Gaura that her family is trying to get rid of her ghost. Gaura asks what she needs to do. Rekha says she will find a solution and inform her soon. Som comes to his room. Gaura is hiding.

I’m glad he sees the shirt and wears it. Then Gaura comes in front of him and he learns that Gaura fixed the shirt button. He asks Gaura to stay away from her and tries to remove his shirt. Gaura asks him not to take off his shirt as it was given to him by Rekha. He promises not to touch Soma’s belongings from now on. Som gets Twinkle’s message and smiles. Gaura thinks Som is happy with her work. Rahul, Kanchan seek the help of Pardesi and Chanchal to get rid of Rekha’s ghost. Pardesi makes them do some procedures.

Rekha scares them all. Rahul, Kanchan inform Ganga, Ramesh about the existence of Rekha’s ghost in the house. Kanchan asks Ganga to call the pandit. Pandit comes home and says Som called them. The Pandit performs his puja. Pandit asks Soma to throw Rekha’s asthi in the river so that Rekha gets moksha. He says only Ramesh can accompany him. Ganga, Kanchan ask him if he will get rid of Rekha’s spirit after the ritual. Rekha says she won’t let anyone drop her asthi in the river. Harish calls Gaura. Gaura becomes happy.

She asks him what will happen if asthi doesn’t fall in water. Harish says then soul keeps wandering never get moksha. Gaura understands what she has to do. He plans to possess Som and give moksha to Rekha. Pandit asks Ganga and others to arrange maha voj for Rekha. Som, Ramesh, come back home. Som says the job is done. Ganga, Kanchan informed him about maha voj. Som agrees and leaves. Gango, Kanchan ask Pandit to arrange maha vog as soon as possible. Rahul comes to meet Twinkle. Som comes there and hugs Twinkle.

Som praises Twinkle. Rahul gets jealous of Soma. He plans to make trouble for Soma. Rekha asks Gaura to stop maha voga from getting moksha. Gaura remembers Harish’s words. He asks what he should do. Rekha asks Gaura to use her brain and find a solution. Gaura thinks she will only do the right thing. Som, Twinkle to bhoomi puja from Rekha’s old age home. Rahul comes there. Twinkle tells Soma that Rekha must be calm seeing him today. Som gets a call and goes to take it. Rahul takes Twinkle away from him. He asks her to marry him. Gaura prays to God that Rekha gets moksha and Som gets reality check.


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