Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 27th March 2023 Written Update: Ramesh brings his girlfriend home


In today’s episode, Ganga is sleeping peacefully in her room. Rekha walks into her room. He plans to teach her a lesson. He tries to disturb sleep by using various tricks. Gaura cries and shares her grief with God. She asks God to help her. Rekha tries to enter the temple and feels like an electric shock. He decides to confront her later. Later, he asks Gaura what she requested from God. Gaura says that she asked for the things that every married woman asks from God. Rekha asks Gaura to drop her in Soma’s room. He assumes the form of a butterfly and sits on Gaura’s shoulder.

Gaura drops Rekha in Soma’s room. Rekha does not touch Soma again. She asks Som to bring a daughter-in-law of her choice. Gaura asks Rekha not to say all this in front of her as she feels bad. Rekha asks her to go to sleep. Gaura goes to sleep. Rekha tells Som that she didn’t like what Som did for Gaura before and asks him not to be any romantic husband. Gaura is sleeping in her room. Rekha tries to wake her up and wants to play with her. Kanchan sees Rekha’s wheelchair in his dream and wakes up. She will tell her husband about it.

They are both afraid. Kanchan asks her husband to bring drinking water for her. He refuses. Kanchan comes out of the room to fetch water. He is afraid to see the wheelchair again. Kanchan goes through Rekha’s spirit. Kanchan suddenly feels extremely cold. He starts shaking. He hears a sound and gets scared. He decides not to check and goes to the kitchen. He sees a candle burning there. Rekha drops a box of matches in front of her. He gets scared and leaves from there. Outside, he sees someone invisible playing a child’s game. Rekha blows air and makes Kanchan drop water.

Kanchan wonders if Rekha’s ghost is behind all this. Kanchan gets very scared and goes back to his room. She shares everything with her husband. He is also afraid. They decide to fall asleep. Ramesh brings his girlfriend home secretly late at night. His girlfriend asks him to bring her home as his wife. Ramesh says he will marry her soon and fulfill her wish. Rekha comes there and hears their conversation. Ramesh asks her friend to come to his room and says he has brought a gift for her.

Rekha plans to teach them both a lesson. He wakes up Gaura and shares everything with her. She asks Gaura to accompany her and help her in implementing her plan. Gaura agrees. Ramesh brings his girlfriend to his room. His girlfriend is excited to see the giant room and the interiors. Ramesh presents Rekhin’s saree to his girlfriend. She will become happy. She says I love you to Ramesh. They share a tight hug. Gaura comes in the room. She is very shocked to see the sight. The episode ends.

Bib – Ramesh notices Gaura. Gaura confronts him. Ramesh asks her not to inform anyone about him and his girlfriend. Gaura agrees. Later, Rekha criticizes Gaura for not supporting her.


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