Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 24th March 2023 Written Update: Gaura gets an idea


In today’s episode, Som recalls Rekha’s words and plans to make Gaura happy. Rahul comes to meet Twinkle with red roses. Twinkle tells her father that she doesn’t want to meet Rahul. She asks her father to apologize to Rahul. Her father informs Rahul that Twinkle is not at home, she went shopping and left her mobile at home. Rahul leaves. He thinks that Twinkle is at home only because girls can forget their lovers but not their phone. Twinkle becomes happy as Rahul leaves. Som decorates Gaura’s room with lights to keep Gaura happy.

Rekh doesn’t like it. Gaura comes to her room and is surprised. Som says he did all this for Gaura. Gaura thanks Som. Som wishes to go and release Laxmi from jail. Gaura says she is out of jail. Som begins to doubt. Rekha warns Gaura. Gaura says she called Harish, informed him about the jewellery, so he went to the police station and released Laxmi. Som leaves. Gaura looks happy. Rekha asks Gaura to forget all this and do another job for her. He asks Gaura to make Ramesh understand her value in his life.

Gaura says she has one condition. Rekha doesn’t believe. Gaura asks Rekha about Twinkle’s identity. Rekha asks her to stay within limits as she won’t share this information with her. Gaura says she herself will find Twinkle’s address, meet her and inform her that Som belongs to her, no one else can ever get him. Rekha asks Gaura to keep dreaming as Som will never accept her. Gaura says her dream will come true soon and both Som and Rekha will accept her wholeheartedly. She prays to God to perform a miracle so that she and Som can unite and become one.

Water drops on her kalash sari. He worries. Rahul discusses Twinkle with Kanchan. Rahul asks Kanchan to suggest ways to win Twinkle’s heart. Gaura hears their conversation. Rahul doesn’t understand Kanchan’s words. Gaura likes Kanchan’s words and feels happy to have her in her life. Kanchan asks Rahul to love everything that is close to his lover. Gaura gets an idea and says she will make Som completely hers now. She leaves Som, Rekha’s photo with an apology letter in her room.

Rekha sees this. Gaura explains this to Rekha. Rekha mocks Gaura and asks Gaura to remove the candle. Gaura disagrees. Rekha blows and the note and picture burst into flames. Gaura is going crazy. Som comes there and lashes out at her for burning his and Rekha’s picture. He asks Gaura to leave the house if she hates his mother so much. Gaura cries and is about to leave. Rekha says she has already warned Gaura and asks her to stay away from Soma for her own benefits. The episode ends.

Precap – Rekha plans to teach Ganga a lesson to take revenge on her. He blames Ganga for his suffering and says he will not leave her.


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