Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 20th March 2023 Written Update: Gaura blackmails Rekha’s ghost


In today’s episode, Twinkle asks Som why he called her for a late night meeting. Som says he wanted to see her because she is more important to him than anything else. Twinkle asks him about Gaura. Som says she was brought by Ganga and Kanchan, she has no relation or liking for Gaura. Twinkle asks him who he likes. Som shows a photo of her Twinkle. Twinkle becomes happy. Som says Twinkle was also Rekha’s choice. Twinkle hugs Soma. Som leaves. Twinkle says her and Soma’s chapter is not over yet.

Gaura worries that he is thinking of Laxmi and wishes to help her. Rekha appears there. Gaura asks her to release Laxmi. Rekha says if police leave Laxmi, arrest Gaura, then Gaura will inform police about jewelery and she can’t afford it. Gaura promises not to open her mouth in front of the police. Rekha says she can’t rely on Gaura. Pardesi comes there and calls Gaura. Rekha senses that Kanchan is happy and goes to check. Pardesi informs Gaura that Chanchal is very upset as Gaura insulted her recently.

Kanchan and Rahul laugh at a silly joke. Rekha criticizes them. Gaura informs Pardesi that she was helpless as she is possessed by a ghost. Pardesi asks her if it is Rekha’s ghost. Gaura says yes. Pardesi says he knows the solution to controlling the spirits. He asks Gaura to prepare a glass bottle. He shares his idea with Gaura. Kanchan asks Rahul to control his laughter. Rahul asks her about his and Twinkle’s marriage. Kanchan asks him to wait for few more days. Rekha thinks Rahul will keep dreaming and Som will marry Twinkle. Gaura manages to arrange a glass bottle and plans to capture Rekha’s spirit inside the bottle.

He gets scared but decides to take this chance. She chose Laxmi’s independence over Rekha’s. She cleans the liquor bottle well so Rekha doesn’t pass out inside. Kanchan shows the fake jewelery to Rahul and says that these are exact frauds of Rekha’s jewelery as she planned to steal Rekha’s jewelery from Kanchan’s almirah. Rekha comes to know about the matter. Rahul sees Rekha’s wheelchair and thinks her ghost is nearby. He tells Kanchan about it. Kanchan does not pay attention to his words.

Later, Rekha scares Rahul by following him in his wheelchair. Gaura makes arrangements as per Pardeshi’s instructions. He fills the room with smoke and waits for Rekha to arrive. Rekha comes in the room. She feels suffocated by the smoke. He sees a bottle and enters it. Just then Gaura puts on the cap. She asks Rekha to forgive her. She asks Rekha to let go of Laxmi so that she can come out of the bottle. Rekha asks Gaura to release her without further delay. Gaura refuses and sticks to her words. Rekha toungelashes Gaura. Gaura remains adamant. She says she won’t think about Rekha until her mother comes out of jail. Rekha is shocked. The episode ends.

Precap – Rekha informs Gaura about the two gold bangles in the almirah. He asks Gaura to sell them, get the money, bribe the police and release Laxmi. He asks Gaura to act fast and release her on his return. Gaura refuses to release Rekha after returning home. Rekha was speechless.


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