Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 16th March 2023 Written Update


In today’s episode, Twinkle’s dupatta falls in the hall. Rahul goes to pick her up. Som lifts it in front of him and gives it to Twinkle. Twinkle asks Som why didn’t he tell her about Rekha. She says she got the message from Chandu. Chandu calls it his responsibility. Twinkle says that Rekha was, is and always will be like her mother. She holds Soma’s hand and says that she is always there for him even in the middle of the night. Gangaa asks him if there is mosquito net. He and Kanchan remind her that Som is married now and ask her to keep distance from Som or else Gaura will get suspicious. Ganga asks him to leave. Rahul wants to let her go.

Som says he will. Ganga tells Kanchan to be careful with Twinkle. He asks her to give her jewelry. Rekha asks Gaura to hide the jewels before Ganga arrives. Twinkle tells Gaura that she will always stand by her side and hold her hand. Chanchal sees them holding hands and plans to alert Gaura. Gaura again hides the jewelry inside the sofa material and sews it up. He can’t find the nose pin. Chanchal comes there and tells Gaura about Twinkle and Som. Gaura says that she has full faith in Som that he will not betray her. Chanchal tells her that Twinkle is more beautiful than her.

Chanchal wants to sit on the sofa with Gaura. Gaura is upset. She introduces herself as Chhoti Malkin and Chanchal as the maid of the house. Chanchal cries and says Gaura has changed and leaves. Gaura repents and hopes Chanchal will forgive her for her harsh words. Twinkle tells Som that her family is like her own. Som holds her hand and thanks her. Twinkle hugs him. Rekha calls them a perfect pair. One of the two Yamdoots approaches Rekha and says that he has come with a proposal for her. He shows heaven to Rekha and says all facilities are available there.

He asks Rekha to come with him. Rekha again refused. He begs in front of her as he is about to lose his job because of her. Rekha says she understands their pain but cannot go with them. Yamdoot leaves. Lakshmi and Radhe sneak into the store room of Gaur’s house. They are planning to sell all the scrap available there and earn some money from it. Ganga goes to hand over the jewels to Kanchan. He sees that his keys are missing. They find the keys inside the cupboard. Gangaa checks the safe and finds that her jewelery is missing. he shouts.

Kanchan thinks Ganga is doing drama after exchanging ornaments. Gangaa says she doesn’t know anything. Rekha is enjoying this scene. Kanchan believes in Ganga. Rekha thinks that now she will create a rift between Kanchan and Ganga. Ganga shouts and informs everyone about the theft. Gaura hears her crying and gets upset. She feels bad for both of them and asks God to forgive her for this act. Som will come there. The episode ends.

Precap – Som calls the police and files a complaint. Gaura tells Rekha that she is scared. Lakshmi asks Gaura about the ornaments. Gaura loses her mind. Taking Harish’s oath, Lakshmi again interrogated him.


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