Masterchef Season 3 Where are they Now? Where is The Cast Now?


If you are curious about MasterChef Season 3 where they are now, read this article where we have provided all the details about the MasterChef Season 3 cast and winners.


Masterchef season 3

In June 2012, the third season of the American reality competition show MasterChef premiered on Fox for two consecutive nights on June 4 and 5. The season came to an end on 10 September 2012 with Christine Hà, the first blind contestant to emerge as the winner of the MasterChef title, and Josh Marks was announced as the runner-up. Season 3 of MasterChef US, which aired from June 4 to September 10, 2012, aired on the Fox Network and featured 18 contestants competing for a $250,000 prize, their own cookbook, and the MasterChef trophy. Judges Gordon Ramsay, Graham Elliot and Joe Bastianich put the culinary skills of amateur chefs from the US to the test through a variety of challenges and dishes. Those who failed to impress were eliminated from the competition. Overall, MasterChef US Season 3 was an exciting season that showcased the immense talent and creativity of amateur chefs from across the United States. It cemented the show’s position as the highest-rated reality cooking competition series and left fans eagerly awaiting the next season.

MasterChef season 3 where are they now?

Season 3 of MasterChef US aired on the Fox Network from June 4 to September 10, 2012, with a total of 18 contestants competing for the grand prize of $250,000, their own cookbook, and the coveted MasterChef trophy. Scroll down to find out the cast of MasterChef Season 3 and where they are now.

Anna Rossi

Anna Rossi was a contestant on MasterChef season 3, but was eliminated in episode 9 for undercooked tortellini. After the show, she became a food writer and blogger, and her recipes have been featured in various publications. She has also appeared on morning television in Boston as a chef, doing cooking demonstrations and working as a spokesperson for brands such as Olivio. She is currently the host of the NBC Boston daytime television show The Hub.

Christine Ha

Christine Ha, a student from Houston, Texas, won MasterChef Season 3 and subsequently published a cookbook. She has worked as a private chef, brand ambassador and food blogger. Christine also co-hosts the TV show Four Senses, judges on MasterChef Vietnam and has appeared on MasterChef US. In 2014, she received the Helen Keller Personal Achievement Award. Christine opened two restaurants, The Blind Goat in 2019 and Xin Chao in 2020, the latter with Tony J. Nguyen.

Dave Mack

Dave Mack from Davie, Florida worked in caviar sales and was eliminated in episode 4 of MasterChef season 3 for not cleaning mushrooms. After the show, he continued blogging and briefly returned to sales before becoming an event chef, catering cooking events across America and owning a private catering company called Savorhous. He also currently serves as Director of Product Development at Tastebuds Foodservice.

David Martinez

After being eliminated from MasterChef Season 3 in episode 16 due to a steak cooking challenge, David Martinez, who worked as an Educational Administrator in Chicago, started a private dining company. He then returned to college to complete his PhD in Educational Finance at Arizona State University and currently serves as an Assistant Professor.

Felix Fang

As a Hollywood, California Food Runner, Felix Fang failed to impress the judges with her unusual corn profiteroles and was eliminated from MasterChef Season 3 in episode 15. She subsequently hosted an online web series on Vice and worked as a private chef for events prior to her current career as an actress. dedicates

Frank Miranda

After being eliminated on MasterChef Season 3 Episode 18, where he failed to impress the judges in the soufflé challenge with the exception of his cheese soufflé, Frank Mirando, who worked as a stockbroker in Holbrook, New York, resumed his career in Wealth Management. However, he continued to pursue his passion for cooking by participating in several charity cooking events and sharing his recipes and food pictures on social media.

Helene Leeds

Helene Leeds, a former model and health coach from Baldwin, Maryland, failed to impress the judges with her crab soup and was eliminated from MasterChef Season 3 in Episode 6. However, she then continued her previous career as a health coach and life coach. shows and also participated in numerous cooking demonstrations and events.

Josh Marks

Josh Marks, an Army contract specialist from Jackson, Mississippi, participated in MasterChef Season 3, where he was eliminated in episode 12, but returned in episode 14 after winning a special episode and eventually becoming the finalist of the season. Tragically, he died in October 2013 due to mental illness and suicide after the show. Before his death, he suffered a car accident and was placed in a psychiatric facility, where he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and suffered psychotic episodes.

Mairym Monti Carlo

Mairym Monti Carlo, a Homemaker from Los Angeles, California, was eliminated from MasterChef Season 3 in Episode 17 after her White Tuna Sashimi dish failed to impress the judges. However, she later became a television judge on several Food Network shows, a radio host, food blogger, public speaker, brand spokesperson, broadcaster and charity ambassador. Currently, Mairym is the host of Food Network’s Help My Yelp, which helps restaurants improve their ratings after receiving bad Yelp reviews.


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