Kumkum Bhagya 31st August 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya
Kumkum Bhagya

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Prachi tells Ranbir that memories are unforgettable because they stay in the heart and she remembers because she loves him a lot. Ranbir Thanks Her And Says I Love You More. He says when we met for the first time, I was wearing nothing but you were wearing red dress because I love you so much. They have a hug. The girls hear them and smile. One of the kidnappers meets a guy who helps them cross the border. He asks them to bring the pace within 30 minutes or they can’t cross the line and won’t get their money back. The kidnapper calls his gang and informs them. The kidnapper says 30 minutes is enough. The lady kidnapper says where we drop the girl’s husband. The kidnapper says we’ll let him go somewhere. Shahana sees the kidnapper coming and hides the phone. They ask what is he doing? He says he is looking for the keys to escape from here. They take her inside.

Prachi and Ranbir argue when Prachi says she told him I love you. He asks why did you say that? She says she said I love you in all caps. Prachi asks girls to say. Ranbir says when I didn’t hear how they heard. Prachi says I Love You Ranbir. Ranbir asks her to say from her heart, open her arms and say I love you. She Feels Shy And Says No. He Ass Her To Say Else He Will Go On Hunter Strike. Prachi asks him to say that he will diet. Ranbir says I will get weak if I don’t drink or eat food and then I will die. Prachi slaps him. He opens his arms wide and says I love you.

The kidnappers take Shahana inside. The kidnappers come and catch the girls who are watching Ranbir and Prachi. Prachi asks Ranbir to go and save them. As Ranbir walks through the window, kidnappers come to Prachi and take her from there. Prachi shouts and calls Ranbir. Ranbir comes back looking for Prachi.

Prachi sees Shahana and says Leave my sister. Shahana asks Have you been drinking. The lady kidnapper says it’s a spray effect. Ranbir comes and calls Prachi.

The kidnapper asks his man to catch him. Ranbir asks the kidnapper to leave him or else he will tickle him. Prachi also tickles the girl and runs to hug Ranbir. The kidnapper says: Separate them, we have to go fast. Shahana says Leave them. Kidnapper lady says she will spray on Ranbir and he will sleep. Shahana thinks when will he come?

Vikram comes to the place as told by Shahana. Dida says what is this place? Aaliya says goons don’t choose to see family. Rhea asks if this is the place. Vikram says we will go inside without making noise. Pallavi asks Dida to be inside the car. Dida insists on coming. She gets down from the car and is about to slip. Vikram asks what are you doing? Dida gets emotional. Pallavi asks them to be quiet. Rhea says Ranbir is also in trouble, along with Prachi. Dida asks when the police will come? Vikram says we can’t wait and we will use police as backup. Vikram peeks in and asks everyone to go inside quietly. She sees Ranbir and Prachi hugging. Rhea is about to shout at Ranbir but Pallavi holds her hand over her mouth. Shahana asks who are you? The kidnapper sees Pallavi and Rhea and asks who are you? Shahana says there is no space and asks her to bring her to another slot. Pallavi says she is a kidnapper and she kidnapped this girl (Rhea). Ranbir tells Prachi that mummy has come. The kidnapper asks what he said? Pallavi says he is not my son. Ranbir asks her to say. Prachi asks Pallavi why did you hold my sister’s mouth. Vikram says we will go inside. They all come in. The kidnapper asks his gang to catch them. Ranbir calls dad. Prachi calls Dida. The kidnapper calls Mona and asks her to spray everyone, they will pass out.

Vikram’s family fights the goons. The kidnapper thinks he is going to kidnap Prachi and is taking her out when Sid comes and throws something in his eyes. He goes inside. Ranbir asks the kidnapper if he feels pain. Prachi says she feels pain as he held her hand. Ranbir hits the kidnapper’s hand and stomps on it with his feet. Prachi Says My Ranbir Has Broken Your Hands, I Had Said. The police will come there and say we have been looking for you for many days. Dida asks if there is any reward for them. The inspector says yes. Dida says we don’t need, we will just give to poor, as charity on Ranbir and Prachi’s Heads.

They come home. Shahana makes Prachi lie on the bed. Vikram asks Shahana to sleep with Prachi as if she wakes up and gets hungry then she might need you. Sid makes Ranbir lie down on the bed. Pallavi says what did it take for Prachi to do this? Aaliya says she left at night if anything else happened. Pallavi says its not my concern and says nothing bad happened. He says Prachi is pregnant and she was kidnapped in this condition. She says we cannot forget that the child of our family is in her womb. He says we can’t ignore that she is carrying our family’s child. Aaliya says to Pallavi. Pallavi goes.

Sid apologizes and regrets ruining a happy family. She says if something happened to Prachi and you then I wouldn’t forgive myself. He promises to make everything right. Rhea peeks into Prachi’s Room and thinks Ranbir has come but he brought her too.

Introduction: Aaliya tells Rhea that the Pallavi she knows has something on her mind that we can’t think about. Ranbir keeps his head on Pallavi’s lap and says I loved Prachi so much, then he also becomes the mother of Sid’s child. Pallavi says that Vikram and her have decided to marry Sid and Prachi. Prachi and Ranbir get a shock.


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